Linocut Print Tea Towel Tutorial

Do you remember learning how to linocut print at school?

With our Linocut Tea Towel craft kit and tutorial we’re taking a traditional craft and giving it a modern twist…

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Crafting a Way to Mindfulness

At Craftiosity, we’re firm advocates of crafting as a tool for mindfulness and good mental health. When you set yourself a project to create, be it crafting, cooking, music – or any creative process – the process of making is often as important as your creation.

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Papercut Lamp Craft Kit Tutorial

For this craft kit and tutorial, it’s all about lovely plants – even for those of us not blessed with green fingers!

We designed a papercut LED lamp with an array of little indoor plants created with layers of colourful paper.

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Bring The Outdoors In: the benefits of indoor plants

Much like crafting, there’s been tonnes of research on the physical and mental health benefits of bringing leafy goodness into our homes, reducing stress levels and increasing both our productivity and tranquility. It’s no surprise our botanical friends are seeing a huge surge in popularity.

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Air Dry Clay Pots Tutorial

For our Air Dry Clay craft kit and tutorial, we made this little desk pot and matching bud pot with white clay and copper paint.

Clay is sooooo satisfying to work with, but most of us don’t have easy access to a kiln, which is where a good air dry clay comes in!

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