Beaded Hanging Shelf Craft Kit

beaded hanging shelf craft kit craftiosity


For this month's kit, you've got a little springtime update for your house and one that'll help bring your plants - or LED candles - to new levels, quite literally!

You’ll be making a beaded hanging shelf, ideal to create a lovely leafy addition to a sunny window or a cosy nook.

Introducing the Beaded Hanging Shelf Craft Kit...

This kit was posted February 2021.

beaded hanging shelf craft kit materials craftiosity With spring and fresh starts just around the corner, you might be looking for a little house update and what better way than to give your plants their very own pedestal, or bring light to a corner of the room.

We've also sourced a really special 'shelf' for you - a plate made from a palm leaf! They're from a sustainable plantation in India, where they soak the palm leaves in natural spring water, mould them into shape, and dry them in the sun. We love the texture of them!

beaded hanging shelf craft kit craftiositybeaded hanging shelf craft kit materials craftiosity 

Your box includes:

  • Large wooden beads
  • Palm leaf tray
  • Copper ring
  • Cotton yarn
  • Needle
  • ...and as ever, you’ll have step-by-step photo instructions in your box, and a video tutorial online, to make it easy to follow along!

beaded hanging shelf craft kit craftiosity

We always love to see trailing plants hanging in people’s windows when we're out and about (and many plants will appreciate the extra sunlight too!).

This is also a lovely mindful craft, quite similar to macrame (but even easier!) and perfect for a creative afternoon with a cuppa!

Plus, with your new-found skills you'll never be without gift ideas for friends and family - a plant and it's very own handmade hanger will always be appreciated!

Orders for this kit have now closed, but read on to learn more about subscribing and joining us for future projects.


Please note the plant / plantpot itself is not included in the project.

If you've bought this project, you'll find your tutorial video below (the password is on the front of the printed instructions in your box!)





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