Papermaking with Seeds Craft Kit

papermaking with seeds craft kit craftiosity

 For this month's kit, we're excited to share a little bit of magic that you can create, then send on to friends and family to watch flourish and grow...

As a homage to Spring, and the new life that sprouts up over these next few months, you'll be learning how to make your own paper and create seed paper cards!

papermaking with seeds craft kit materials craftiosity

How does it work? You'll create your own paper pulp with the specialist paper included in your box, then add in any scraps you'd like to personalise it (we've included some of the pink shred from your box in these examples) as well as wildflower seeds, then compress in the paper making mould to create your sheets of paper.

Let them dry out, fold them into cards, and post them to friends and family using the envelopes provided. Once they've read your message, they can plant the seed paper and watch their flowers grow!

papermaking with seeds craft kit craftiosity

The kit includes everything you'll need to create these sprouting beauties, making your very own paper cards that can live on as part of the garden or in an indoor plant pot!

Your box includes:

  • Paper Making Mould
  • Paper pulp sheets
  • Packet of seeds
  • 4 x Envelopes
  • BONUS - Sprouting pencil!

As an added extra, we’ll also be including a ‘Sprout’ pencil in the box - once you’ve finished writing with it, plant the seeds in the head in the ground and watch them grow too. Seeds for you, and seeds to share!

As ever, you’ll also have step-by-step photo instructions and a video tutorial online to make it easy to follow along.


papermaking with seeds craft kit craftiosity

Ready to learn how to make your own paper - and send a little note, message of love or a hug-in-the-post to your favourite people?

Orders for this kit have now closed but read on to learn more about joining us for future projects. 


If you’ve bought this project, you’ll find your tutorial video below (the password is on the front of the printed instructions in your box! 

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