Hey! Welcome to Craftiosity. I'm its founder and director, Moira.

I started Craftiosity because I wanted to make it easy for you to be creative, to try new things and to have that buzz of inspiration that comes with making with your hands on a regular basis.

I live in West Yorkshire with my husband, and have a lovely small team who help to create and deliver your craft kits.

(And this isn't my cat. This is my neighbour's cat deciding to photobomb the photoshoot. But he's cute, so he made the final edit.)


I had a career in a great (but stressful!) job managing a venue, and I’d often turn to a variety of different crafts as a way to unwind.

I took an opportunity to make the ‘day job’ part-time and began working as a designer and maker on the side, selling products and teaching creative workshops.

When taking workshops, I noticed the distance people would travel to get there, and that often folk felt they weren’t that creative. Many people were missing out, through geography or not having the chance to ‘have a go’, on learning new crafts and that magical feeling you get when creating something with your hands.

And so, the idea for Craftiosity was born!

and now...

Since then, we've sent tens of thousands of craft kits out to our creative community, and we love designing new projects for you each month.

Craftiosity is all about enjoying a moment of ‘me-time’. So grab a cup of tea and a biscuit (or two!), open your box and let the creative adventure begin…


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