Himalayan Salt Soap Craft Kit

It's time to share the next craft kit - you’ll be learning how to make your own exfoliating salt soap!

You'll have an easy-to-use melt and pour base, then add your Himalayan pink rock salt and lavender fragrance oil (optional, if you're not a fan of scent) to create your soap scrub bar.

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Broderie Anglaise Constellation Lamp Craft Kit

Create a constellation-inspired lampshade using the Broderie Anglaise embroidery method for this craft kit.

Broderie Anglaise is a beautiful embroidery technique you might recognise from the fabric of clothing, made popular in the 19th century, but we’re adapting it to this lamp!

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Meet the Maker: Evelien van de Laar

Meet Netherlands-based print maker and art teacher Evelien van de Laar. We got chatting about all things print-making, including where to find inspiration and tips for those dipping their toes into lino-cutting for the first time.
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Mosaic Bird Craft Kit

Learn to mosaic with this project, creating a charming mosaic bird. With vivid and varied smoothed green glass pieces, you'll create your own unique pattern, before bringing your bird to life by grouting them all into place. 

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The Best Gifts for Crafters

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through November?

It’s definitely time to start thinking about what to gift to loved ones as we approach Christmas (and to drop hints to Santa!). For this post, we’re rounding up some of the best creative supplies and gifts for the seasoned crafter.

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Linoprint Cards and Tags Kit

Get ready for the Winter with this Festive Linocut Cards & Tags Craft Kit, and learn to carve and print your own seasonal designs

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Our Favourite Macrame Artists on Instagram

It's time for a hefty dose of creative inspiration for our next craft kit - the macrame mirror kit!

Macrame might be one of the most 'instagrammable' crafts there is, so we want to share with you some of our favourite macrame artists on instagram that fill our feeds with loveliness!

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Macrame Mirror Kit

For the next craft kit, we’ll be revisiting one our favourite craft processes - macrame! You’ll be putting a new spin on this well-loved craftivity as you make a modern macrame mirror.

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Natural Dye Slow Stitch Bag Kit

For this month’s project, you can explore the magic of natural dyeing and slow stitching in one!

It’s the perfect craft for the remaining days of late summer as we’ll be using ‘solar’ dyeing technique for this one…

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Meet the Maker - Heather Riches

It’s time again to get a little ‘behind-the-scenes’ on another super-talented creative’s life in our Meet the Maker series – meet the nature-inspired printmaker Heather! We loved hearing about her first project (a very experimental tee-pee!) and some genius top tips for any crafter.

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Topographic Pinboard Craft Kit

Inspired by Ordnance Survey maps, this month’s project involves building up these two A5, 3D Topographic Pinboards out of cork, ready to add your inspiration to…

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Our Favourite Customer Makes

Each time we send your craft kits out, we get a little thrill when we see your creations brought to life, through the #Craftiosity hashtag on Instagram and Facebook!

Let’s take a look at some of our recent Favourite Customer Makes

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Meet The Maker - Lena Run

We’re thrilled to introduce you to another talented maker this month with another Meet the Maker – Ukraine-based artist and crafter Lena! Lena is a true multi-crafter working with embroidery, paper-making and lino printing. What a delicious combination!

We loved hearing how these processes overlap and inspire one another, and where Lena draws her inspiration from.

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Clay Pot Decor - 5 Ways

As our next kit explores the joy of clay with the Terracotta Pot Craft Kit, we’re sharing our top 5 ways to decorate clay pots in a unique way that can mimic fired ceramics.

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Terracotta Pot Craft Kit

In this project you’ll be working with air dry clay to create the perfect vessel to pop your pens, paint brushes or small plants into. We’ve chosen a terracotta colour clay for this kit as we love its warmth (and we’re imagining the sunny climes of a Tuscan hillside!)
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Interesting Uses of Macrame Knots

We’d thought we’d explore the wonder of macrame knots to make all kinds of lovely things - and not just plant hangers!

It’s a relaxing process and the joy of macrame is that you can take it anywhere - we love knotting away in the park. All you need is rope and your fingers (and a little know-how).

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Gathering Knot Placemat Craft Kit

For this month’s kit, we’re exploring one our favourite macrame knots of all - the gathering knot!

You’ll be building up gathering knots to form a placemat that would look gorgeous on a dining table or side table. It’s a mindfully repetitive process that you’ll find a relaxing rhythm to as you knot the time away without even noticing...

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Meet the Maker - Lucy Freeman

We’re excited to introduce you to another wonderful maker this month - Lucy Freeman! Lucy is an embroiderer, print-maker and workshop facilitator based in Sheffield. We’ve admired Lucy’s designs on Instagram for a long time - and we think you’ll enjoy her vibrant colour palette and the detail and layering in her botanical stitches.

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Marbled Candle Holder Craft Kit

For this month’s kit, we’re sharing an exciting new process (and one we've been asked for a number of times) - marbling!

For this project, you’ll be adorning a marble design onto a modern candle holder - the perfect centrepiece for your dinner table or window ledge.

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Mindful Inspiration for Spring

The temperature's fluctuating a lot at the moment, but we're still enjoying the beginnings of Spring! It’s a season of change and new life, so it’s a perfect time to slow down, notice the space around you and enjoy the transformation in nature.

We’ve put together some of our tips to help you find some Mindful Inspiration this Spring, which can help boost your wellbeing and feed into your creative projects... Enjoy!

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