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It's time for March's Meet the Maker chinwag – this time we got chatting to the lovely Molly from The Mimo Yarn Co.

The Mimo Yarn Co. is a bright, bold and colourful yarn studio founded by Molly. The colours that Molly creates through the dyeing process brings a smile to our faces - they're so full of energy and life! We loved hearing her advice, inspiration and the joy she gets from the process.

Without further ado, let's get into it...

How did you first get into knitting/yarn?

My nan got me into knitting, and my mum - I believe it started with some red yarn and a lot of tutting because I would pull the yarn too tight or drop stitches along the way.

I really got back into knitting when I went to university as I wanted something to do after working on all my assignments. But I think when I moved to Canada back in 2018 on a working holiday, I learnt a lot more about knitting and yarn.

Can you tell us how your first project went?

My first real project was a denim drop stitch jumper that took forever to knit but that I still have and wear now and then.

I think I am slowly finding my style and, with that, I get to pick items that I will wear more - and want to showcase my yarn or other dyers that I purchase from.

meet the maker molly mimo yarn company craftiosity

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love simple patterns where you can play with colours and that are fun knits. There are so many great designers out there at the moment that I am always saving them in my to-make list. Which is getting very long indeed!

My inspiration for my yarn comes from music, mood, colours, moments in time and just what I'm feeling at the time.

I used to have a few colours and it was a lot simpler to dye yarn, but now I've got way too many and I sometimes get a little overwhelmed with them and that can cloud my focus.

What do you love most about the process?

I really enjoy sprinkling and dyeing the yarn, letting the colours join with the fibre and making a love story. I then get to see the colour-way take shape and it's then easier to name.

I really do look forward to having a space that I can work from in the future where I can draw even more inspiration and offer classes or workshops.

What would be your best advice for those starting out?

Get some yarn, fibre or whatever medium floats your boat, a few colours and just have a play. Make sure you dye safely: face masks, glasses/goggles, gloves, apron. Even though the dye doesn't look harmful it can damage your lungs in the long run and we don't want that.

Youtube has lots of video's and many dyers are happy to help, also Facebook has wonderful communities that share tips and hints.

You might want to dye yarn as a hobby and not a full-time gig and that's cool. Do you, boo!

meet the maker molly mimo yarn company craftiosity


What’s next for you, any upcoming projects you’re working on?

I have full-time studies until mid-April so I have a lot of projects to get finished. I'm working on a Yves Cardigan, Aquamarline, Vanilla Toe-Up Socks (my go-to), and probably a few hats for my boyfriend.

Also, I am planning what to dye up over my summer break so the wheels are in motion for Mimo in Canada.

Thanks so much to Molly for sharing her knitting and yarn journey with us! We love keeping up with Molly's work on Instagram and wish her the best of luck in her new venture in Canada. You can keep up with everything Molly is up to over on her website too.


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