Topographic Pinboard Craft Kit

Inspired by Ordnance Survey maps, this month’s project involves building up these two A5, 3D Topographic Pinboards out of cork, ready to add your inspiration to…

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Our Favourite Customer Makes

Each time we send your craft kits out, we get a little thrill when we see your creations brought to life, through the #Craftiosity hashtag on Instagram and Facebook!

Let’s take a look at some of our recent Favourite Customer Makes

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Meet The Maker - Lena Run

We’re thrilled to introduce you to another talented maker this month with another Meet the Maker – Ukraine-based artist and crafter Lena! Lena is a true multi-crafter working with embroidery, paper-making and lino printing. What a delicious combination!

We loved hearing how these processes overlap and inspire one another, and where Lena draws her inspiration from.

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Clay Pot Decor - 5 Ways

As our next kit explores the joy of clay with the Terracotta Pot Craft Kit, we’re sharing our top 5 ways to decorate clay pots in a unique way that can mimic fired ceramics.

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Terracotta Pot Craft Kit

In this project you’ll be working with air dry clay to create the perfect vessel to pop your pens, paint brushes or small plants into. We’ve chosen a terracotta colour clay for this kit as we love its warmth (and we’re imagining the sunny climes of a Tuscan hillside!)
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Interesting Uses of Macrame Knots

We’d thought we’d explore the wonder of macrame knots to make all kinds of lovely things - and not just plant hangers!

It’s a relaxing process and the joy of macrame is that you can take it anywhere - we love knotting away in the park. All you need is rope and your fingers (and a little know-how).

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Gathering Knot Placemat Craft Kit

For this month’s kit, we’re exploring one our favourite macrame knots of all - the gathering knot!

You’ll be building up gathering knots to form a placemat that would look gorgeous on a dining table or side table. It’s a mindfully repetitive process that you’ll find a relaxing rhythm to as you knot the time away without even noticing...

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Meet the Maker - Lucy Freeman

We’re excited to introduce you to another wonderful maker this month - Lucy Freeman! Lucy is an embroiderer, print-maker and workshop facilitator based in Sheffield. We’ve admired Lucy’s designs on Instagram for a long time - and we think you’ll enjoy her vibrant colour palette and the detail and layering in her botanical stitches.

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Marbled Candle Holder Craft Kit

For this month’s kit, we’re sharing an exciting new process (and one we've been asked for a number of times) - marbling!

For this project, you’ll be adorning a marble design onto a modern candle holder - the perfect centrepiece for your dinner table or window ledge.

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Our Favourite Paper Crafts

We've shared how to create your own paper with the Papermaking with Seeds kit, so as a homage to the wonderful and versatile material, we've rounded up some of our Favourite Paper Crafts! Have a read and get inspired for some paper play...

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Meet the Maker - Shakira | Kreative Pursuit

It's time for this month's Meet the Maker and you're in for a treat - we got chatting to Shakira of Kreative Pursuit. Shakira is a embroiderer, print designer, creative facilitator and teacher!

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Our Favourite Customers Makes

After we post out your craft kit each month, we get super-excited to see your creations in their new homes through the #Craftiosity hashtag on Instagram and Facebook!

So this week, we thought we'd do a round up of some our favourites from the recent kits.

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of our Favourite Customer Makes...

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Papermaking with Seeds Craft Kit

For this month's kit, we're excited to share a little bit of magic that you can create, then send on to friends and family to watch flourish and grow...

As a homage to Spring, and the new life that sprouts up over these next few months, you'll be learning how to make your own paper and create seed paper cards!

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Meet the Maker - Molly | The Mimo Yarn Co.

It's time for March's Meet the Maker chinwag – this time we got chatting to the lovely Molly from The Mimo Yarn Co.

The Mimo Yarn Co. is a bright, bold and colourful yarn studio founded by Molly. The colours that Molly creates through the dyeing process brings a smile to our faces - they're so full of energy and life! We loved hearing her advice, inspiration and the joy she gets from the process.

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Craft Ideas for Early Spring

While winter’s chill still nips in the air, we’re slowly coming out of hibernation and nesting mode.

These late winter and early spring months still encourage a cosiness in our homes, and we’ve put together some of our favourite Craft Ideas for Early Spring to make the most of them!

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Embroidered Moon Tea Towel Kit

This month's project brings the celestial to your kitchen, making an Embroidered Moon Tea Towel!

The kit explores a variety of embroidery stitches, creating three background textures, before completing with a satin stitch moon, eucalyptus branches and little stars.

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Winter Crafting

There's a lovely cosiness to the winter season that we are fully embracing into the new year! That calls for some cosy new year crafting - with materials including beeswax, yarn and evergreen, you'll be keeping creative through the colder months!

Without further ado, take a look at our top Winter Crafting...

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Beaded Hanging Shelf Craft Kit

For this month's kit, you've got a little springtime update for your house and one that'll help bring your plants - or LED candles - to new levels, quite literally!

You’ll be making a beaded hanging shelf, ideal to create a lovely leafy addition to a sunny window or a cosy nook.

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Meet the Maker - Zuzana Marekova

We're kicking off 2021 with a new Meet the Maker interview (yay!) - this time with the wonderful Leeds-based textile designer, printer and maker, Zuzana Marekova.

We've been following Zuzana's lovely work for some time now and absolutely love her folklore-inspired textile designs and ethos for slow craft. We enjoyed chatting to Zuzana about how her cultural heritage and Slovakian upbringing has influenced her work, as well as much more!

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Three Ways to a Creative 2021

During 2020, more than ever we sought out creativity and mindfulness as a source of calm amongst uncertainty. Focusing in on what we're creating and putting our hands to use has been a magical way to find tranquility.

So here's 3 ways to continue that with a more mindful and creative 2021...

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