Felted Lavender Bag

Textures, scent and colour all come together this month, as you needle felt and stitch a lavender scented bag ‚Äď perfect to hang in your cupboard or from a handle, or keep in a clothing drawer.¬†

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The Gilded Clay Decorations Craft Kit

It's time to share the next craft kit - and, as this one is posted in November, we're getting into a sparkling, festive spirit!

Your November project is to make a beautiful set of three festive Clay Decorations - ideal to add some seasonal décor to your home, or they make a great gift for friends and family. 

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The Stitched Wooden Mirror

This latest project creates a Stitched Wooden Mirror. We love the playfulness of sewing thread onto wood so we've had these laser-cut wooden pieces created especially for you!

You'll stitch and do a little bit of weaving to create a stitched geometric pattern on the top of the wooden piece, then attach your mirror to the back - and it's ready to prop up or hang!

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The Wildflower Engraved-Glass Craft Kit

Your September project is to create a pair of wildflower-inspired engraved drinking glasses. 

The warmer months encourage us to spend time outdoors, amongst nature - sitting in our garden or the local park, hearing the tweeting of birds and watching delicate butterflies skip across brightly coloured flowers.

We're taking inspiration from pretty wildflowers for this glass-engraving project. 

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The Woven Bias Placemat Craft Kit

The latest Craftiosity project is here - the Woven Bias Placemat Craft Kit! This one is really satisfying to create, with a few different processes.

First up, you'll create your own bias binding strips from soft polycotton fabrics, then weave them into a striking geometric placemat, before stitching into place.

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The Best Crafts to Take on Holiday

As many of us start to travel again, you might be thinking of packing your holiday bags - and who wouldn't want a craft project in there?!

Whether you're going abroad or staying at home, we've rounded up the best crafts to take on holiday!

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The Citrus Fruit Stencilled Apron Craft Kit

It's time to share the next craft kit! Your July project is to create a summer-inspired citrus fruit stencilled apron.

The kit includes two fab little ink pads in vibrant colours of orange and golden yellow and two citrus templates and a scalpel so that you can create your own stencils to print your citrus pattern across your apron. 

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Sunbeam Wall Hanging

The new craft kit project is here! We're taking inspiration from the sun, its beams and uplifting energy, to create your own beautiful sunbeam wall hanging.

We're not supposed to have favourites (who could choose?!), but as my Granny would say, it's a wee stunner!

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How To Make Time For Crafting

When I talk to people about crafting; what they get out of it, how often they craft, the thing I hear most often is that there’s never enough time for crafting.

Interestingly, I also often hear that people feel guilty taking time for themselves to craft. Now, we all know that’s crazy talk, but I think many of us feel that way too. So, we’ve brought together a little round of 10 ways to make time for crafting. Let’s dive in!

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Folk Art-Inspired Concrete Dish

This month you can explore concrete casting - and folk art ‚Äď to create this modern catch-all dish.

You'll construct your own mould from a plastic sheet (using our template), then pour in your 'snowcrete' (smooth white concrete) to cast your dish.

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Mindful Inspiration for Spring

One week we're wearing t-shirts, the next woolly hats and scarfs - it must be the UK in Spring! We're not complaining though, we love this time of year, with the hints of summer to come.

It’s a season of change and new life, so it’s a perfect time to still and reflect, notice the space around you and enjoy the transformation in nature.

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Woven Coasters Craft Kit

With this project,¬†you'll be exploring the art of weaving ‚Äď using your mini loom, and combining the warp thread and the weft yarns to create a set of antique pink and sand-coloured coasters.
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Painted Glass Window Craft Kit

This month we're taking inspiration from trips to Kew Gardens in London, thinking of glass domes, ferns and leaves.

You'll be exploring the art of glass painting, adorning your own glass window with a beautiful botanic-inspired design - perfect to hang on windowsill or brighten up your living room.

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Himalayan Salt Soap Craft Kit

It's time to share the next craft kit - you’ll be learning how to make your own exfoliating salt soap!

You'll have an easy-to-use melt and pour base, then add your Himalayan pink rock salt and lavender fragrance oil (optional, if you're not a fan of scent) to create your soap scrub bar.

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Broderie Anglaise Constellation Lamp Craft Kit

Create a constellation-inspired lampshade using the Broderie Anglaise embroidery method for this craft kit.

Broderie Anglaise is a beautiful embroidery technique you might recognise from the fabric of clothing, made popular in the 19th century, but we’re adapting it to this lamp!

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Meet the Maker: Evelien van de Laar

Meet Netherlands-based print maker and art teacher Evelien van de Laar. We got chatting about all things print-making, including where to find inspiration and tips for those dipping their toes into lino-cutting for the first time.
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Mosaic Bird Craft Kit

Learn to mosaic with this project, creating a charming mosaic bird. With vivid and varied smoothed green glass pieces, you'll create your own unique pattern, before bringing your bird to life by grouting them all into place. 

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The Best Gifts for Crafters

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through November?

It’s definitely time to start thinking about what to gift to loved ones as we approach Christmas (and to drop hints to Santa!). For this post, we’re rounding up some of the best creative supplies and gifts for the seasoned crafter.

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Linoprint Cards and Tags Kit

ÔĽŅGet ready for the Winter with this Festive Linocut Cards & Tags Craft Kit, and learn to carve and print your own seasonal designs

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Our Favourite Macrame Artists on Instagram

It's time for a hefty dose of creative inspiration for our next craft kit - the macrame mirror kit!

Macrame might be one of the most 'instagrammable' crafts there is, so we want to share with you some of our favourite macrame artists on instagram that fill our feeds with loveliness!

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