Marquetry Clock Craft Kit

This month, we're embracing modern geometric design and working with wooden marquetry to create this herringbone-style clock.

This project has a wonderfully satisfying process of cutting and creating a simple interlocking pattern using different veneer woods.

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Meet the Maker - Isabel Greenslade

This month, we caught up with hand embroiderer extraordinaire, arts facilitator and maker behind Copperlight Studio, Isabel Greenlade.

It was a pleasure chatting to Isabel about how she began to work with embroidery, her process and inspiration, as well as how she's carried on making and connecting with the creative community during lockdown!

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Beeswax Wrap Craft Kit

It's time to share this month's project! For this one, we were inspired by balmy al-fresco dining with bees gently buzzing nearby in the sun.

As an alternative to disposable plastic wraps, we're making long-lasting beeswax wraps and a bee-themed embroidered cotton bag to go alongside.

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Paper Flowers Craft Kit

For this month's kit, we're excited to share some Summer blooms with you!

Whilst flowers are in abundance outside, these paper delights will bring long-lasting colour into your home. Introducing the Paper Flowers Craft Kit...

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Raffia Basket Craft Kit

We've a satisfying, tactile project for you this month, to make a woven raffia basket from natural raffia and beautiful paper ribbon - with one of three different colours available!

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Clay Mobile Craft Kit

We've a tactile and dynamic project for you this month - to make a white Clay Mobile!

Taking inspiration from how natural daylight shows many tones and subtle differences in shadow on white objects, this project is a lovely one to hang near a door or window, so the breeze catches each flute and creates a gentle motion.

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Macrame Shopper Bag Craft Kit

We've a soft, tactile kit for you this month, making a macrame shopper bag with sandy-coloured macrame rope and wooden handles.

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Orange-scented Copper Candles Craft Kit

We're making something for all the senses this month, with a kit to brighten your living room and transport you to warm, sunny climes!

You'll be creating two orange scented candles in these brushed matte, copper-coloured tins.

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Stitched Shibori Tea Towel Craft Kit

We've brought back one of your favourite processes for January 2020 (kit posted in February 2020), with a colourful project to brighten up your kitchen!

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Wooden Street Light Screen Kit

We’ve a bright and cheerful project for you this month, one that’s easy to personalise – or keep to our design in crisp colours!

If you’ve seen our recent moodboard, you'll have spotted that we’re taking inspiration from Silhouettes for this month’s craft kit. 

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Inspiration Moodboard: Silhouettes

The sharp, distinctive character of silhouettes and their backdrops makes them highly impactful and brilliant inspiration for lots of different creative mediums, which we’re exploring below…

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Goldwork Gingerbread House Craft Kit

It's time to announce our December 2019 craft kit! We're delighted to have a wonderful collaborator for this kit, goldwork artist Becky Hogg.

With this project, you can create a little festive magic and make a Goldwork Gingerbread House Brooch (which can be easily adapted into a Christmas tree decoration).

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Meet the Maker: Becky Hogg Goldwork Artist

Each time we send your craft kits out, we get a little thrill when we see your creations brought to life, through the #Craftiosity hashtag on Instagram and Facebook!

Let’s take a look at some of our recent Favourite Customer Makes

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Meet the Maker: Kyleigh's Papercuts

This month we're delighted to focus our Meet the Maker spotlight on Kyleigh of Kyleigh's Papercuts. Originally from a graphic design background, Kyleigh uses her expert eye for design to create beautifully intricate works of art through the craft of papercutting.

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Linocut Cards Craft Kit

It's almost that delicious month of November, so we decide to bring a little autumnal magic and a little of the festive season to this month's craft kit!

If you've seen our recent moodboard, you’ll have noticed we’re taking inspiration from Gathering Together for this month's limited edition kit (posted mid-November 2019) - whether that's gathering leaves, or gathering your favourite people.

We're bringing both together in this month's project - taking inspiration from our favourite winter leaves and berries to create 12 linocut printed greetings / Christmas cards...

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The Best Crafts to Take on Holiday

You’ve dug out your passport, got your sunscreen & big summery hat - but is a craft project on your Summer Holiday packing list too?

If you’re looking for summer craft ideas, we’ve spent many a holiday crafting (or doing a quick dash to a local craft shop when we’ve forgotten to pack one!) so here’s our quick round up of what to think about when choosing portable crafts to take with you - and some of our favourites. Let’s explore the best crafts for travelling.

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Meet the Maker: Kathryn of Kaff's Crafts

This month, I'm excited to announce that we've a new member of the Craftiosity team! Meet Kathryn; craft lover, workshop curator over at Kaff's Crafts, and now Marketing and Admin Assistant at Craftiosity!

I love Kathryn's enthusiasm for craft and sharing her passion with others, so today she's telling us how she got into crafting, what she does over at Kaff's Crafts, and tips for anyone who wants to explore their creative side...

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Copper Leaf Ceramic Dish Craft Kit & Tutorial

This month, we’ve taken inspiration from golden sunshine, the way light changes how we see things - or how morning or evening sunlight just catches the edges of things and makes them glow.

You'll be decorating a ceramic leaf dish!

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Creative Inspiration Moodboard: Golden Sunshine

This month, as the days start to warm up, we're taking inspiration from golden sunshine; the warmth, the colours it creates, the effect it has on everything around us - that's one inspiring star!

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Creative Inspiration Mood Board: Handwritten

From quickly jotted notes to old fashioned letters, like beautiful little works of art in their own right, there's something special about handwriting that words on a screen just don't compete with.

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