Painted Glass Window Craft Kit

It's time to share the next craft kit! This month we're taking inspiration from trips to Kew Gardens in London, thinking of glass domes, ferns and leaves. 

You'll be exploring the art of glass painting, adorning your own glass window with a beautiful botanic-inspired design - perfect to hang on windowsill or brighten up your living room.  

This kit was posted March 2022.

With black relief outliner and foliage-green glass paint to layer up, and you can use the template provided, or create a design of your own, to make your botanical painted glass masterpiece! 

We love the interplay of having the piece hang in a window with the mix of the glass leaves and the real ones outside.

Everything you need to make your painted glass window is inside your box, which includes:

  • Tea Green Glass Paint
  • Black Relief Outliner
  • Glass Window Shape
  • Paintbrush
  • Toothpicks
  • Template

You’ll also have your step-by-step photo instructions, video tutorial online and some creative inspiration for your pinboard!

This project is definitely one where you can let your creativity flow...

Ready to come on a creative adventure?

Orders for this kit have now closed, but read on to learn more about subscribing and joining us for the future projects.

If you've bought this project, you'll find your tutorial video below (the password is on the front of the printed instructions in your box!)

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