Woven Coasters Craft Kit

The new craft kit is here!

This month (April 2022) you'll be exploring the art of weaving – using your mini loom, and combining the warp thread and the weft yarns to create a set of antique pink and sand-coloured coasters.

If you've bought this project, you'll find your tutorial video below (the password is on the front of the printed instructions in your box!)

This is a really relaxing process; perfect for popping on your favourite podcast or audio book, and falling into the rhythm of the yarn gradually building to create your weave.
With your own loom, warp thread and cotton yarns, as well as your printed template, you'll have everything you need to create your set of antique pink and sand-coloured coasters. 


The mats are a good size, at around 11cm squared (excluding the fringe). You’ve enough yarn to create 4 coasters, and 4 different templates – so mix and match, or choose your favourites to make! 

All you need to make your woven coasters is inside your box, which includes:

  • Mini Loom
  • Antique Pink Cotton Yarn
  • Sand Cotton Yarn
  • Warp Cord
  • Yarn Needle
  • 4 Different Templates (make them all or choose your favourites)

You’ll also have your step-by-step photo instructions, video tutorial online and some creative inspiration for your pinboard!


Orders for this kit have now closed but read on to learn more about subscribing and joining us for the future projects.


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Here’s the deal: we do the planning, you do the making. Go on, get creative!

Each month, we design a limited edition craft kit for you. It could be macrame, ceramics, book-binding – or something completely different!

Our next project is to create a beautiful terrazzo inspired speckled cloud clay dish.

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