Interesting Uses of Macrame Knots

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We’d thought we’d explore the wonder of macrame knots to make all kinds of lovely things - and not just plant hangers!

It’s a relaxing process and the joy of macrame is that you can take it anywhere - we love knotting away in the park. All you need is rope and your fingers (and a little know-how).

Without further ado, here are some Interesting Uses of Macrame Knots to inspire your Summer of crafting…


Macrame bracelets are satisfyingly quick to make and can be lovely gifts for friends. Most macrame bracelets work really well with the simple square knot technique.

Include charms or silver and gold rings to add more textures and play around with different coloured cords!


Another idea with macrame square knots is to create keyrings; a similar process to bracket making, but with the added flourish of lovely tassels, which can work beautifully on keyrings.

Make them bright and colourful and you’ll never lose your keys again!

macrame knots uses craftiosity

Wall Hangings

At the other end of the scale, wall hangings are a great project that you can take your time over, depending on how large you want to go and how complex you want it to be.

We love how macrame wall hangings look with a rustic stick used as the top bar - head out into the woods and see what gems lie on the ground to get you started!

Placemats and Coasters

We had to include the Gathering Knot Placemat Kit. The gathering knot is one of our favourites and we love that you can mix it up with different coloured yarns - we've used soft, muted tones for this project.

Creating gathering knots around a soft rope is a versatile technique - if you don't fancy the placemat version, you can cut the rope into 4, and create a set of matching coasters for the coffee table!

macrame knots uses craftiosity

You can learn more about this project here.

Happy Knotting!

Image credits: Cole Keister, Kate Mclean, Craftiosity


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