Top 5 crafts for mindfulness

We wrote recently about why crafting is officially good for you, but have you thought about using crafts for mindfulness?

Perhaps you’re reading this thinking, “I've heard of it, but what is mindfulness?!”

Mindfulness is a technique that helps us to focus on the present moment by turning our attention to what’s going on in the here and now. By focusing on our breath and our senses, and reducing the attention we give to our thoughts, mindfulness helps to improve our mental health and relieve some of the stress that can quickly infiltrate every day life.

Crafting offers a great opportunity to explore mindfulness because it draws our attention to the task at hand and quietens our mental chitter chatter.

So with that in mind, we’ve chosen our top 5 favourite crafts to get in that mindful place of 'flow'…

Brush calligraphy

The soft strokes and pretty, whimsical swirls that you create with brush calligraphy make it high up our list of crafts for mindfulness. It’s all about experimenting and watching shapes and letters appear on your page, which is why we love this craft so much.

Slow Stitching

Allowing yourself to go with the flow, creating stitch after stitch, and not worrying about what you’re trying to create is a wonderful way to set your mind free; it’s often when the best work is made too! Let your needle go where it wants to, and see what beauty you end up with.


Macramé is a brilliant craft for keeping your attention focused; the knots may look complicated initially, but once you get your head around them, you’re off. Create beautiful pieces for your home such as plant hangers and wall hangings, so you can admire your lovely work!

Crochet and knitting

The rhythmical flow of crochet and knitting is a wonderful way to get lost for a while. No sooner than you’ve begun your first row, you can start to see something lovely forming – whether it’s a pair of baby booties, a woolly hat or a nice snug blanket for those cosy winter nights.

Wreath making

Not just a craft for the festive period, you can make beautiful seasonal wreaths for your home all year round, and working with branches, leaves and fruits is a lovely way to practise mindfulness. If you fancy giving wreath making a go, we have a tutorial from one of our previous winter kits here.

We hope this has given you some ideas to start crafting your way to a more mindful you.

Make the experience even more relaxing by lighting a few candles, snuggling up in your favourite seat and making the room feel totally hygge! If you've made any of the above, don't forget to tag us in your projects using #craftiosity.

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Images: Simon Migaj, Milan Popovic, Rebecca Grant and Estee Janssens

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Each month, we design a limited edition craft kit for you. It could be macrame, ceramics, book-binding – or something completely different!

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