How to throw a craft party

So, you’ve decided you’d like to throw a craft party?! Brilliant! They’re so much fun, a fantastic way to introduce your friends and family to crafting - and a great opportunity to catch up and have a fun-filled (yet slightly chaotic!) evening!

We’ve drawn from our own experiences on how to make your craft party run as seamlessly as possible & look after your friends too. Here’s our top tips...

Decide what craft you’d like to focus on

Have a clear idea of what craft you want to share with your friends and family - it will give everyone something to focus on - not to mention be easier to organise!

Find the right venue

You might have a great space at home that’s suitable for hosting your party (I did my first ever Kaff’s Crafts class around my dining room table!), but if not, have a look at local village halls, community centres or cafes/shops that rent out rooms.

When you’re selecting the venue, think about what kind of space you’re going to need for the craft project you’ll be doing too e.g. large standing space, long tables, access to water etc.

Keep it simple!

It’s super easy to get carried away with the excitement of throwing a party, and trying to cram too much in or doing a project that might be too complicated for some of your more novice crafting pals.

We’d say keep your first one nice and simple; it’ll be easier for you and all those attending (plus, more time to natter and eat cake!) Oh and printed step-by-step instructions won’t go a miss with your guests either.

Make sure you’ve got all the materials

There’s nothing worse than getting to the day of the party and realising you’ve forgotten that one crucial bit of material (queue mad rush to Hobbycraft)!

Make a list of all the things you’re going to need and order them well ahead of time, so you don’t end up flapping right before the event.

Make it personal to you

When I host craft workshops and parties for my friends, I like to bring as much of my own personality to the table as possible. I make my favourite cakes, bring along yummy drinks, and decorate the space with flowers, which I think it makes the whole event that bit more special.

What does making it personal look like for you? Maybe it’s popping your favourite music on in the background, or having your favourite snacks available...

Last but not least, relax and enjoy your party - that’s what crafting is all about, and being able to share the experience with people you love is even better.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful, and if you’re hosting a party soon, we’d love to see it - tag us on Facebook and Instagram at @Craftiosity!

If you'd love to set up a regular craft party, why not subscribe to Craftiosity with your friends? We know a number of subscribers who do this, watch the tutorial video together with tea & cake, then jump in to get crafting!

Images: Neslihan Gunaydin, Hilary Ungson & Kathryn Manning

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