Meet The Maker: Ieva Galzone of Octo London

Meet the Maker: Ieva Galzone of Octo London

15 December 2017

author: Hannah Burgess ieva galzone craftiosity

Next month's kit is one inspired by brightening up the winter and overcoming the notorious 'January blues'. We wanted to create a kit that would cheer up your January and make it that little bit more cosy. Take a little look at the kit clue here and sneak peak here. Did you guess it? Make 2018 a year to try new things and so candle-making can be your first with this craft kit!

You may remember the Nordic Inspired Handmade Gift Guide from a few months back where we included a cedarwood and juniper berry candle. Well, we got back in touch with Ieva Galzone, the co-founder of Octo London Soy Wax Candles, for this month's 'Meet the Maker' to ask her a few questions about her craft (and the one we're all so excited to try). We hope you get inspired by their wonderful work and find out more about what inspires her amazing natural soy candles!

ieva galzone craftiosity

"We were so happy with the result that we decided to share it with others!"

 How did you first get into candle-making?

Everything has started in February this year when we were looking for a nice candle to have for our place. We struggled to find one we liked and most importantly to find a completely natural one. So, we thought why not try to make our own? We were so happy with the result that we decided to share it with others!

What do you love most about the candle-making process?

It's such a peaceful moment. It's actually very relaxing to fill in these jars with this warm mix of natural wax and essential oil. We love to have our place filled with this marvellous smell!


ieva galzone craftiosity

"We love to travel and do outdoor activities, it's a great way to find inspiration!"

Where do you draw your inspiration from for your work?

Simply from nature! The simplest things are the best and nature has so much to offer... We love to travel and do outdoor activities, it's a really great way to find inspiration! Our first favourite scent "Cedarwood & Juniper berry" was directly inspired by the long walks in forest what we love so much to do.
ieva galzone craftiosity

"We love to have our place filled with this marvellous smell!"

What are your three simple pleasures?

My three simple pleasures are long walks in nature during a sunny day, enjoying a hot infusion in a cosy living room by a fire place and finally have a relaxing bath, lighting a candle whilst reading a book about our next travel destination! When it all happen in one day you are close to heaven..

ieva galzone craftiosity

"You need perseverance to find the right balance and find the perfect smell."

What would be your advice to anyone who is looking to get into making candles?

Go for it! You can try to create your own personalised blend to suit your every moment. You need perseverance to find the right balance and find the perfect smell.

What’s next for you and your brand Octo London, any current or upcoming projects you'd like to share with our readers?

We have many projects for 2018 for Octo. We will definitely continue to provide new scents for the coming season and others surprises that we will communicate about very soon!

We'd love to thank Ieva for this lovely interview, it's truly inspired us for our next kit to try this wonderful craft...

At Octo London, her and co-founder François create natural soy blends of candles with no chemicals or synthetic materials. The scented blends are truly wonderful and there really are scent combinations to suit everyone. You can have a better look at their lovingly handmade candles on their website. Also, check out their instagram, well worth a follow with lots of stunning scenery and cosy photography.

A big thank you to Ieva for all the fantastic photos we have used in this post from Octo's website and facebook.

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