Sneak peek!

Ahh, the temptation got too much!

Not to worry, we can’t resist shaking wrapped birthday presents too.

For October’s kit, with some materials including these…

This is what we’ll be making…

Are you ready to print your own fabric tea towel?

You don’t need to be an artist for this one, with full templates and step-by-step instructions to walk you through. We’re giving the traditional craft a modern twist, using VersaCraft ink blocks for easy fabric printing.

The kit contains all you need to print up a tea towel, but there’s no stopping you after that. With plenty of ink in the pads, they can also be used to print paper, wood and more!

Come and join us! You can subscribe or head over to our gift page if you’re treating someone else. You’re not tied into a contract and can cancel or skip a kit at any time.

Orders for our next box close on 30 September 2017 in:








October’s kit will be shipped by Saturday 14 October.

Here’s what folk have said about us…

I couldn’t be happier with the February Craftiosity box as it was such a fun project, I have a great end product and the tools to use again. I think it’s a fantastic and unique subscription box that I know will be a hit with so many people! 9.2/10


All Subscription Boxes

It was such a treat! The kit came beautifully packaged, I was little daunted when I saw the instructions for stitching the book together but it was actually really well explained and if I’d got stuck I could have watched a video for extra help.


Leigh Shepherd Designs

A lovely box was handed to me by my postie (it’s too large to fit through the letterbox) which got me really excited. There’s something lovely about creating with your hands and I enjoyed sitting and making the pots.


The Gingerbread House

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