5 Fun Ways with Marbling

five fun ways marbling craftiosity

This month, we’re swooning over marbling and hope you’re getting excited about the Marbled Candle Holder kit, which will be landing on doorsteps in the coming weeks!

There’s so much scope when it comes to marbling and we love that every single time you create a marbled design it will be unique and unlike any other.

We’ve rounded up our top 5 Fun Ways with Marbling to help get your creative juices flowing...


This covers two crafts in one as, once you’ve created the cover for your notebook or sketchbook with the marbling inks, you can then bind it together with more paper and thread. See our bookbinding kit here for some guidance and inspiration.

For an added extra you could save some of the marbled card and make a little matching bookmark with a ribbon!

Card-making with marbled envelopes

When birthdays and celebrations come around you’ll never be without hand-printed cards. A little tip to make the cards extra special is to get your calligraphy pens and inks out and write personalised messages onto plain card shapes to stick over the marbled design.

Create some coordinated envelopes with any plain paper you have lying around to post out your new handmade cards!

five fun ways marbling craftiosity

Marbling onto 3D objects

Like our Candle Holder kit, marbling works really well onto 3D objects and materials like wood or unglazed ceramics.

You may need to add a base coat first to seal the material (as you do with the white paint in the Candle Holder project), then it’s ready to take your marbling.

Whether you create your own object or use an existing one, as long as your marbling tray is big enough and the base will take the ink, it should work a treat!

Fabric Marbling

Marbling onto fabric is a wonderful way to update a piece of plain clothing or make some tea towels or napkins with a handmade touch - they make for great housewarming gifts and are very easy and light to send in the post - win!

Little tip: Make sure to use smooth textured, finely woven fabric as heavy textured fabrics won’t show off the patterns as well.

five fun ways marbling craftiosity

Wrapping Paper

Speaking of gifts, get some hand-printed large pieces of wrapping paper and gift tags at the ready. The folk who receive a present from you wrapped in hand-marbled paper will likely want to reuse the paper in another way - we know we would!

Remember, you can use the inks as sparingly or as generously as you like to create very contrasting prints on the paper and tags.

Happy marbling!

Image Credits: Pawel Czerwinski, Raimond Klavins and Gayatri Malhotra


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