Japanese Bookbinding Craft Kit and Tutorial

by | 24 Feb, 2019 | Craftiosity Kits, Tutorials

This month, we’ve taken inspiration from vintage steam train journeys; the smell of soot, the beautifully painted wood, patterned seats, the rhythm of the train, watching the landscape change and letting our minds wander…


photo: Lee Hull

When I think of train journeys – any train journey – I love to have a notebook with me. It’s where thoughts flow, you can explore ideas, and get a sense of perspective as the landscape changes outside you.

So, with materials including these…


This is what you’ll make…


Yes, we’re bookbinding!

And loving the heritage, craftsmanship and romanticism of steam railways, we found an extra special cover for you.

This month’s project is to make a Japanese-bound notebook with a hand-marbled paper cover and beautiful cream pages inside.

Your kit includes everything you need for the project; you’ll just need a ruler, pencil and pair of scissors.


This is a great craft to learn, and this simple bookbinding process is one you can pick up easily and use again and again to make your own notebooks.

Even better, no more thinking that you can’t use a pretty notebook, because you can easily make another one when you’ve filled this one…

You can see the video tutorial for this kit below.


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