Creative Inspiration Mood Board: Railway Journeys

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This month, we're taking inspiration from railway journeys, and the heritage, craftsmanship and romance of steam railways. Who doesn't love a steam railway journey?!

If you're lucky to have a steam railway line near you, they're a place to marvel in the craftsmanship and artistry of another era, and the dedication that shows what people can do when they put their minds to it, with steam railways often kept alive through the passion of their volunteers.

It doesn't just need to be steam though; any railway journey can give an opportunity to step out of the normal world, see new inspiration outside and let your mind wander.

Before we announce the actual kit (it's coming later this week!), here's this month's mood board and creative prompts. From specific days out to small prompts you can easily do in 10 minutes at home, these are yours to run with - ideas to help you be more creative day to day.

You can download a higher resolution version of the moodboard (for personal use) here: Railway Journey Moodboard

Here's our Top 10 Creative Prompts for this theme

Think of the the smell of soot, the beautifully painted wood, patterned seats, the rhythm and soothing noise of the journey, watching the landscape change and letting thoughts move across your mind...

Pick one or two of these, journal or sketchbook your ideas, plan a day out or see what other inspiration they give you.

  • As the landscape changes outside (and if it's not invading anyone's privacy), use your phone camera to capture the motion of the landscape outside, like the row of photos on the bottom of the moodboard. You can often get atmospheric effects! There's an element of luck to these photos too, as objects might suddenly pop up into your frame - wanted or unwanted...
  • Railway journeys give you a little time out of time; yes, you could poke at social media on your phone, but why not let yourself ponder an idea you've been exploring, a trip you'd love to take, the next project you're excited about working on. The ever-evolving change of scene may help prompt more creative options than thinking at your desk or on your sofa.
  • Look for patterns in your carriage! I've often found myself looking at the brightly coloured and oddly patterned fabrics used for trains, trying to work out where it repeats, and imagining what the abstract pattern might have been inspired by - or what I think it looks like!
  • Consider your A to B; where are you travelling from and to? How do they differ? How are they the same? What colours would you use to describe each place? What 3 words would you use for each?
  • If you have a steam railway station near you, why not take your camera along (phone camera would do) and take some images? Look for details, be aware of what you're drawn to.
  • Steam railways are particularly wonderful for black and white images, with the contrast of the dark engines and carriages against bright light and white steam. Most phone image editing apps have a black and white option you can play with too.
  • Look for interesting signage at your station - is any of it hand-painted? What are the fonts and colours like? Is there anything you'd love to make your own handpainted signage for - at home, or for an environment you're close to?
  • Imagine your train ticket had any destination you like printed on it... Where would that be? What would it be like to arrive there? What would you do?
  • Look for inspiration outside your window. What unusual things can you see?
  • For stunning railway carriage design, have a look at the instagram feed of Belmond's Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, the company behind the Orient Express. Wow!

Whether it's your commute or a day out somewhere special, enjoy using these prompts for a little creative fun! We always love to see what you're up to too - share and tag us with #craftiosity on social media.

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