Wooden Street Light Screen Kit

wooden street light screen craft kit craftiosity

Are you ready to illuminate the start of 2020?

We’ve a bright and cheerful project for you this month, one that’s easy to personalise – or keep to our design in crisp colours!

If you’ve seen our recent moodboard, you'll have spotted that we’re taking inspiration from Silhouettes for this month’s craft kit. (This kit will be posted in January 2020).

Craftiosity moodboard silhouettes

Playing with silhouettes, outlines and the effects of gentle light, this month’s project takes full advantage of early evenings and subtle shadows!

Let’s walk you through the kit…

wooden street light screen craft kit craftiosity

You have a whole set of pre-cut wooden pieces to make a little street scene complete with window surrounds, bicycles and pretty colourful paints for decoration.

We’ve also included thick translucent paper, to give this lovely glow effect from any light behind the screen.

wooden street light screen craft kit craftiosity

This is a great one to play with colour - while we’ve stuck with some of the primary colours, you actually have 8 different colours and a white paint to choose from in your kit. Perfect to blend together to create your own!

wooden street light screen craft kit craftiosity

Did we mention the cute little bikes?!

This is a really relaxing process, painting the pieces, then using the PVA glue provided to construct your street together.

The final screen is 18 by 18.5cm, a great size to pop on your bookshelf or side unit without being overpowering!

wooden street light screen craft kit craftiosity

wooden street light screen craft kit craftiosity

Everything you need to make the screen is in the box, with the wooden pieces and base, set of paints, white paint tub, brush, glue and translucent paper. You’ll just need pencil, scissors, scrap paper and a light to place behind (an LED tealight or set of fairylights works well).

You'll find the walk through video tutorial for this project below.

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Here’s the deal: we do the planning, you do the making. Go on, get creative!

Each month, we design a limited edition craft kit for you. It could be macrame, ceramics, book-binding – or something completely different!

Our next project is to create a beautiful terrazzo inspired speckled cloud clay dish.

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