Stitched Shibori Tea Towel Craft Kit

stitched shibori tea towel craft kit craftiosity

We've brought back one of your favourite processes for January 2020 (kit posted in February 2020), with a colourful project to brighten up your kitchen!

First off, let's have a little clue on how this was created... Any idea what's going on here?

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stitched shibori tea towel craft kit materials craftiosity

Yes, it's shibori!

If you haven't come across shibori before, it's the Japanese art of binding or stitching an item of fabric then dyeing it.

Wherever the fabric is bound or stitched makes areas the dye can't reach, creating beautiful - and sometimes unexpected! - results.

stitched shibori tea towel craft kit craftiosity

You'll stitch your tea towel (as in the first image), then dye it using the fabric dye and materials provided in your kit...

You can have a lot of fun with this process, following the design shown with straight lines running up and down the tea towel, or stitching different patterns and shapes to make your own creation.

Once you've dyed the tea towel, you'll unpick your stitches and straighten the fabric out to see your final design - always a magical part of the process!

stitched shibori tea towel craft kit craftiosity

stitched shibori tea towel craft kit craftiosity

Your kit includes all you need, with a thick 100% cotton tea towel, fabric dye, dyeing salts, sewing thread, sewing needle, protective gloves and a wooden stick for stirring the dye.

You'll just need a pair of scissors, a washing up bowl or basin, and a measuring jug.

stitched shibori tea towel craft kit craftiosity

Orders for this kit have now closed, but if you'd love to join us for future kits, read on below...

Enjoy the video tutorial for this project! 




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