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 favourite customer makes craftiosity

Each time we send your craft kits out, we get a little thrill when we see your creations brought to life, through the #Craftiosity hashtag on Instagram and Facebook!

Let’s take a look at some of our recent Favourite Customer Makes

Gathering Knot Placemat (Above, from June 2021)

“Loved this month’s craft kit!”

It looks fabulous - thanks so much for sharing this Karen!

favourite customer makes craftiosity

Embroidered Tea Towel (March 2021)

“The finished project! Pretty happy with how this embroidered tea towel has turned out.”

The tea towel looks gorgeous - we love how Philippa has put her own touch on the branches with the outline and colour choices!

favourite customer makes craftiosity

Paper Making with Seeds (April 2021)

“My Craftiosity kit this month was papermaking with seeds, which turned out brilliant. Can’t wait to send notes to family and friends to grow.”

Brilliant work! These lovely handmade papers will be blooming in no time...

favourite customer makes craftiosity

Marbled Candle Holder (May 2021)

“The new marbled dipped candlesticks look great on the dinner table this evening.”

A fantastic centrepiece for Susane’s dinner table, and gorgeous with the flowers!

favourite customer makes craftiosity

Beaded Hanging Shelf (February 2021)

“Loved making my Craftiosity kit!”

Loving this Beaded Plant hanger made by Judy - the painted beads look great! We also love the little plant in the enamel blue-rimmed mug - super cute.

We hope you've enjoyed these too! Don’t forget, if you use the hashtag #craftiosity in your posts, we'll see your creations too and you may win a wee extra gift in your next box...


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