Creative Inspiration Moodboard: Golden Sunshine

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This month, as the days start to warm up, we're taking inspiration from golden sunshine; the warmth, the colours it creates, the effect it has on everything around us - that's one inspiring star!

Beyond crafting, we love to inspire your creativity in all kinds of ways, so for this theme, I'm also encouraging you think about the creativity of light. Whatever you look at, beams of light - coming from different sources; the sun, lamps, reflections from light buildings or walls - have an amazing effect on how you see things and the mood that's created.

You can download a higher resolution version of the moodboard (for personal use) here: Golden Sunshine Moodboard

Here's our Top 5 Creative Prompts for this theme

Pick one or two of these to try, or let these nudges inspire other creative ideas for you -

  • Explore transparency... like the fine china cups that, when lifted to the light, reveal a face on the bottom of the cup, see how other thin objects are transformed when you hold them up to the light. New details can be revealed in leaves, feathers, papers of all kinds and more. Perhaps you could build your own image, layering thin pieces of paper and glue on top of each other. <I'll say it! Be careful of your eyes; no looking directly at the sun!>
  • Let the colours created by golden sunshine inspire your next project. Have a look at some of the colours in the moodboard - nature's showing us she's the greatest artist again! You can borrow from her and use the colour palettes to match to your own threads, yarns or paints.
  • Pay attention to reflections. Whether it's from a lamp or reflected light from water or windows, look out for the shapes and patterns thrown up onto walls, ceilings and the floor. Could these patterns and shapes feature in your next creation?
  • A little observation exercise! Thinking about how different lights change how you see the same object, start to look out for this as you go about your day. Your hand is the easiest thing to always have with you! For example, how does it look in a stark white room with humming fluorescent lights overhead? How about during that gorgeous 'magic hour', just as the sun has just set and there's a soft warm light filling the sky? What do you notice?
  • As you start to explore the possibilities with light, how can you alter it in your own home? Do you mainly use overhead lights, or could you use more lamps to soften the atmosphere? What happens when you move your lamps to different spots? How does the light change if you bounce the angle poise lamp off the wall rather than having it point directly down? How about if you move a lamp next to a mirror?

I hope you have fun with these!

While many of these ideas explore the physical properties of light, the next project is a solid object, inspired by rays of golden sunlight...


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