Copper Leaf Ceramic Dish Craft Kit & Tutorial

copper leaf ceramic dish craft kit craftiosity

This month, we’ve taken inspiration from golden sunshine, the way light changes how we see things - or how morning or evening sunlight just catches the edges of things and makes them glow.

 copper leaf ceramic dish craft kit craftiosity

photo: Jenn Evelyn Ann

So, with materials including these...

 copper leaf ceramic dish craft kit materials craftiosity

This is what you'll make...

 copper leaf ceramic dish craft kit craftiosity

Yes, it's copper leaf foil & we're decorating a ceramic leaf dish!

You might have heard of gold leaf before, used to gilt furniture or picture frames. We’re using a metallic leaf with a bright copper colour - and love the effect it has with the white matte texture of the leaf shaped dish.

We’ll show you step by step how to prepare your ceramic dish, apply adhesive for the foil, then apply and finish the copper leaf.

 copper leaf ceramic dish craft kit craftiosity

Your kit includes everything you need for the project; with the ceramic leaf dish, metallic copper leaf, adhesive and brush.

And you have 25 sheets of the copper leaf; you’ll only need one or two for this project, so there’s plenty spare to play with if you’d like to try your hand at gilding other objects or furniture.



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