Inspiration Moodboard: White Light

It's time for our new moodboard, and this month we've taken inspiration from White Light.

We love the way natural daylight shows tiny details on objects that are white or light coloured. Where something that would normally be named as one-colour, becomes rich and beautiful, with so many tones and subtle differences in shadow.

We've picked a few examples here, from nature, architecture - and 2D examples from black and white photography. Here's some creative prompts to inspire you...

  • Find an interesting white object in your home, and really look at how it changes as you turn it around in natural daylight. Notice all the different tones, and how the shadows fall as you move it. Can you spot details you might have missed before?
  • Paper is a wonderful medium to play with, with different layers and detail showing up in different lights. Tear up some sheets of paper or card, then build up the strips to create a landscape as you might see on a misty morning. Glue the strips down, then look at your landscape in different lights to see how it changes.
  • If playing with paper inspires you, we love the work of Hari and Deepti, creating fantastical stories using papercut images built up in layers. Their work now involves a lot of glorious colourful lights, but began with a simple golden light source.
  • Collect up a number of different white objects from around your home, to create an all-white collage on your floor or kitchen table, and photograph it.
  • Take some new photos on your daily walk, or look through the existing ones on your phone and turn a few favourites into Black and White images. The best images to choose are those with high contrast, where they look look tonally varied or interesting when you half-squint at them. We love the free Snapseed app to photo edit images.

We hope this gives you a little creative inspiration! You can download the moodboard (for personal use) here: White Light

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Each month, we design a limited edition craft kit for you. It could be macrame, ceramics, book-binding – or something completely different!

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