5 Easy Craft Ideas with Supplies You Have At Home

As most of us are now spending a lot more time at home (and HUGE respect to key workers who are out there keeping us all going!), you might find you're looking for more creative projects.

We've loved seeing some of the past Craftiosity kits be brought to life over recent weeks, but if that's not an option and you're looking for something easily to hand, we've rounded up ways to be resourceful with materials you're likely to have at home.

Here's our Top 5 At Home Crafting Ideas (plus a bonus one at the end which we could all use)...

1. String Macramé Plant Hanger

All you need for this project is one item which you’re bound to have knocking about somewhere - STRING!

One of our most popular craft boxes was macramé and although we used special macramé rope (which makes for a larger, more robust hanger) it's more than possible to recreate the knots with humble string or garden twine!

You could even have a rummage in your craft boxes for any jewellery beads to embellish the hanger - we love the look of natural wooden beads in macramé but be bold and go colourful if you desire.

2. DIY Weaving Loom

Next up, we’re building a loom. Sound difficult? Think again!

Grab an old wooden picture frame, canvas or create a frame with old scraps of wood (don’t worry if you don’t have these materials, we have an alternative coming up).

You simply use drawing pins or picture nails along opposite sides and tie string between them to create the loom. Then weave your yarn in and out - mixing up the colours like the one below.

As an easy alternative, grab a robust piece of cardboard and cut zig zags along two opposite ends. Now you can stretch your string in the indent of the zig zag to create the weaving loom. Et voila!

3. Ripped Fabric Bunting

Now for some house decoration!

We’ve got a really simple and modern bunting idea to brighten up your home. All you need is string and some old bits of fabric.

Tear the fabric into strips about 30cm long and tie using this method onto a line of string. Think about all the colour combos and patterns you could try...

It could make your Zoom Party backgrounds that bit more exciting!

4. Root Veg and Found Object Relief Printing

You probably did it at school, but it's an all-time classic in the world of resourceful printing and we don't think it's just for kids!

We're getting back into vegetable printing stamps! This is a great alternative if you don't have any lino blocks lying around - and you can get some lovely results for card-making or tote bag printing.

Alternatively, try some printing techniques with found objects on your walks, such as fallen leaves or bits of bark. These can create wonderful textures and patterns when used as printing tools with ink or paint onto paper.

5. Natural Dyeing with Nettles

Now this one isn't strictly inside your home, but in abundance in parks right now. We’re nettle dyeing!

Nettles are in season right now and if you pick them correctly, they can create ethereal, muted green hues in natural dyeing.

If you’re looking to update or change your current wardrobe, any light coloured cotton shirts or totes would be ideal for some natural dyeing and the process is beautiful!

Here's a lovely article that takes you through the steps from start to finish.

A Bonus Project to Soothe your Skin...

We have a final bonus make for you that's very apt if you're finding you have dry, broken skin from all the hand-washing you're doing. Make your own moisturiser!

You can find coconut oil in most supermarkets and shea butter is often stocked in pharmacies - simply melt one part coconut oil to one part shea butter in a bain marie - and add in a drop of essential oil like lavender (not necessary!)

Pour your mix into unused jars or old moisturiser pots - and you could even add your own label with your new printing stamps.

Leave the mixture to harden overnight, and use as a naturally hydrating moisturiser for your hands, face, feet, etc.

We hope you've found something to keep you inspired! If you prefer to have projects with everything to hand, read on to learn more about our next craft kit.

Photo Credits: Eneida Nieves (string) and Paul M (nettles)

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Each month, we design a limited edition craft kit for you. It could be macrame, ceramics, book-binding – or something completely different!

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