Inspiration Moodboard: The Gingerbread House

There's something so wonderful about the warm, hygge feel as we creep deeper into Winter. Yes to lighting candles and spending long evenings reading or talking around the cosy kitchen table!

One of our favourite sights of the festive season is beautifully decorated little gingerbread houses; the smell, the delicate detail of the icing - and, let's be honest, the idea of a tiny edible home appeals!

So this month we’re playing with the idea of a gingerbread house (but there's no baking in sight for this month's craft kit!), and wishing you a home full of hygge over the winter months too.

Here’s our top creative prompts for this theme:

  • What does home mean to you? Is it about having a tactile cosy space, the people you share it with, the way it's decorated? Is there anything you'd like to create or do to enhance that? It could be finishing that blanket, framing some recent photos, or painting that wall you've been meaning to.
  • How could Gingerbread Houses inspire your next project? Do you love the contrasting white icing on golden biscuit, or could the decoration of the little houses inspire your new sewing project?
  • Decorate your house with light - this is the perfect time of year to review your lighting. Do you have any little lamps you'd like to bring back out or re-position? Or candles that would create a cosy atmosphere? Multiple smaller light sources can make a massive difference to how any room feels.
  • Can you use light in your creative projects? Either adding light in directly, or lighting an existing piece in a new way? We had a lot of fun with our kit to make your own lampshade in 2018 - you'll find our video tutorial for that here.
  • We couldn't not include this... Why not bake your own gingerbread house? Find a new recipe online, or ask your friends or family for their favourites. Bake the biscuit base, then have a fun evening icing it!
  • And as we love a cuppa, we suggest celebrating your creativity with a mug of cinnamon tea!

You can download this moodboard (for personal use) here: The Gingerbread House

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Each month, we design a limited edition craft kit for you. It could be macrame, ceramics, book-binding – or something completely different!

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