Inspiration Moodboard: Moroccan Adventure

For this moodboard, we’re taking inspiration from Morocco.

The noise of bustle, drums and flutes floating over the air, the riot of rich colours, the scent of spices in the market. From the lively Marrakesh medina to the crisp air of the Atlas Mountains, it's an amazing country of contrasts - and rich in inspiration for creative folk!

Whether you're inspired by the memory of your own visit or by the idea of the country, here’s some creative prompts to get you started...

Look for light and colour

There’s something so enchanting about the lamps and lanterns you see hanging in the famous Marrakesh medina or markets. Even when they don’t have a light or candle inside them, the stained glass looks magical with natural sunlight pouring through.

Why not try making your own stained ‘glass’ with pieces of fabric or thin pieces of coloured paper/parchment - you could hang them over a window and see how the natural sunlight plays with the colours.

Explore with bold colour

I love how Moroccan art and decoration often uses a wide variety of colours in objects like rugs and ceramics; bold and unafraid, they always look absolutely gorgeous.

Next time you’re starting a new project, why not be daring and experiment with colours you’ve not used before - see what bold beauty you can create!

Symmetry & repeat patterns

There’s nothing quite as ‘instagrammable’ as Morocco's stunning tiles. The beautiful shapes and patterns combined with a flawless symmetry makes the riads and buildings works of art in themselves.

Have a look at the unusual shapes and patterns in Morrocan tiles and rugs; could they inspire your next weave or embroidery design?

Opulence & Luxury

The splashes of gold and deep, earthy tones that you find across Morocco bring a sense of luxury. Add an element of opulence to your next project with a streak of gold thread in your needlework or paper craft, to create a rich Morrocan feel.

Dream destination

You might’ve already ticked Morocco off the bucket list or maybe you’ve got somewhere else in mind, but what inspires you when you think about travelling? Do you dream about the Maldives’ pink sunsets or the striking beauty of Norway’s fjords?

Next time you’re crafting, let your ideal location be your inspiration, and see where it will take your creativity...

You can download the moodboard (for personal use) here: Moroccan Adventure Moodboard.

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Each month, we design a limited edition craft kit for you. It could be macrame, ceramics, book-binding – or something completely different!

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