Crafting Gifts for Adults

It might be too soon to say it, but we're getting around to that time of year where we start to feel an urge to bestow gifts upon our nearest and dearest! So, to give you some solid suggestions (things we'd be more than happy to receive!), we've put together some Crafting Gift Ideas for Adults, from ways to inspire their next projects and store their materials, to 'forever' tools - have a read!

Vintage Craft Storage

The bane of many-a-crafter's life is finding a way to store all their creative bits and bobs so that they still look lovely (and aren't just a sea of labelled plastic / cardboard boxes - we've all been there!). A wonderful gift idea for a craft enthusiast would be some wooden vintage storage - keep your eyes peeled in charity and vintage shops, as well as on ebay! You can find a bargain if you're lucky, and you could even fill it some good ol' crafting kit!

Block Carving Tools

This one is definitely for adults as block carving tools are super sharp but if kept in good nick can last a lifetime. The great thing about block printing is that once you've carved the stamp, you can whip it out every time you need to make a birthday card or even make some decorated wrapping paper. Happy carving!

A Craft Book or Magazine Subscription

Who doesn't love a good ol' coffee table book or magazine to peruse? It's the perfect way to fill your head with inspiration for the next project and reignite ideas if you're having a bit of a creative slump. We love looking around our favourite local bookshop (or their website!) to discover new reads - or ask your crafty friends for their favourites!

Embroidery Hoop, Beads and Thread

There's nothing quite like a new embroidery pattern to follow and watch come to life. Embroidery is so much like drawing (but with thread!) - there is so much scope to explore different media too!

Recently, we were really inspired by Isabel Greenslade, who we spoke to her as part of our Meet the Maker series about her use of mixed media in embroidery. Set your pal up with a hoop, beads and thread and see what they create!

Craftiosity Subscription

And last, but not least, we couldn't scoot off without including our very own modern craft kits as a perfect gift idea! Every month, a new process, new materials and new guides to help you create something lovely (and useful!). From lino-cutting and macrame, to dyeing and clay-work (and much more) - we leave no stone unturned! Happy craft gifting!

Photo Credits: Annie Spratt (wooden storage and embroidery), Angelina Litva (block carving)

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Here’s the deal: we do the planning, you do the making. Go on, get creative!

Each month, we design a limited edition craft kit for you. It could be macrame, ceramics, book-binding – or something completely different!

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