Craft Ideas for Autumn

As the days begin to cool and we see Autumn on the horizon, we're thinking of ways to create cosiness in our homes - and, of course, we have some ideas for how to do that through crafting!

Here's our latest Craft Ideas for Autumn...

Essential Oil Candle Making

As Autumn approaches, we love embracing a process that immediately creates cosiness in our homes. Candle-making is a wonderful craft to welcome in the longer, colder nights...

By adding in essential oils to your soy wax, such as lemongrass or frankincense, you can fill the room with light, scent and feeling of calm. We're a fan of re-using and decorating old jam jars or tins to make sustainable and lovely candle holders.

Crocheted Preserve Cover

'Tis the season to be harvesting lots of fruit and veg that's ripe for the picking!

If, like us, you've been getting into growing your own during lockdown, it's likely you'll have food ready to pick - or you know a good spot for wild blackberries on your walks.

If you're filling up jars with preserves or jams to give to friends and family, why not add a little crochet cover?

Sashiko your clothes!

With a new season, comes new clothing conundrums. A simple and effective way to update your wardrobe, is to add a little Japanese sashiko - it looks great on jeans and denim.

A few years ago, we loved exploring the process of making Sashiko placemats as one of our craft kits. This technique works really well on clothes, especially blue and indigo clothing, as the Sashiko technique is traditionally white cotton thread onto indigo fabric. Happy stitching!

Autumn Leaf Bunting

Gathering autumnal red, yellow and orange leaves might bring back memories of childhood, but you may also remember your treasures shrivelling up within a few hours in a centrally-heated home.

The best way to preserve the colour and shape of leaves is by preserving them in wax paper. All you need is wax paper, an iron, a towel and of course your colourful leaves. We love the way they look on a string as bunting - making your home decor shift with the seasons.

DIY Draught Excluder

Autumn - as lovely as it is - brings colder months and pesky draughts. Keep your house toasty with this fun Autumn project and stop that draught in its tracks!

Make yourself an excluder with some lovely patterned fabric to suit your home, and you can fill it up with anything - from rice and lentils to old socks and tights. It should work a treat throughout Autumn and Winter for years to come!

We hope you've found some Autumn crafting inspiration here, let us know if you make anything we've shared - we'd love to see your creations!

Photo Credits: Fi Bell (candles), Clem Onojeghuo (crochet) and Chris Lawton (leaf bunting)

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Each month, we design a limited edition craft kit for you. It could be macrame, ceramics, book-binding – or something completely different!

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