Christmas Treats for Crafters

It's that gift-giving season once again and that means it's already time to start thinking about crafty presents, as we all know this next month or so flies by.

It can be a hard task to know what to buy for your favourite crafters when Christmas comes around, so we've put together some ideas to get your (and their!) creative juices flowing in time for the holidays.

Here they are... some Christmas Treats for Crafters!

1. Bookbinding for 2021 diaries

In the lull between Christmas and New Year, keep your crafting pals busy with some bookbinding as they make their very own diary for 2021. If they are not a diary keeper then this can be a great place to note down their New Year's resolutions or craft project ideas!

Source some lovely artisan paper and card and some waxed linen thread, accompanied by some water paints or inks so they can decorate their creation however they like!

Here at Craftiosity, we've explored bookbinding a couple of times - so get some inspiration here.

2. At-home Screen-printing Set

We discovered this nifty trick a few years back when we developed our hoop screen-printing kit. We had always thought screen-printing had to be done in a printing studio but this DIY screen-printer works a treat even at your dining table!

Simply gift your crafter an embroidery hoop, organza, fabric glue, fabric paint and a tote bag or pouch to get their print on this Christmas.

3. A Crafty Inspiration Book

It's been quite a tumultuous year I think we can all agree, and over the last few months we've been seeing lots of creative and striking banners in support of the NHS and Black Lives Matter in people's windows.

Whilst any crafty coffee table book would make a lovely present to curl up and read by the fire, this one by Sarah Corbett is a gem. How to be a Craftivist gives creative inspiration and champions the gentle act of making to start conversations around important issues. Worth a read... though a wee heads up, you might be tempted to keep it for yourself!

4. DIY Polymer Jewellery

After enjoying your Polymer Clay Coasters kit in October and the lovely tactile process of making marbled clay patterns, why not gift some polymer clay with some jewellery making tools this Christmas or have some fun yourself and make them ready to wear?

When polymer clay is baked it becomes super lightweight, which makes it a perfect material to make statement earrings (without the hefty and uncomfortable weight). You could even include some jump rings so your friend can link multiple shapes to make earrings that'll stand out beautifully...

5. A Craftiosity Craft Kit Subscription

We couldn't put together a blog post on Christmas gift ideas and not include our modern craft kits! Each month, your crafter will find everything they need, including step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial, to make something lovely and new.

From wire-work and Japanese embroidery, to clay coasters and copper embossing, your loved one will become a craft connoisseur in a huge variety of creative processes!

Photo Credits: Bohdan Chreptak (old books)

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Each month, we design a limited edition craft kit for you. It could be macrame, ceramics, book-binding – or something completely different!

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