Manage Your Subscription

Moving house? Received a new bank card? Ready to cancel your subscription?

No problem, here’s how to update your account.

Update Your Subscription

If you’ve been bought a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription giftcard, just email us at to update your address or skip a kit.


To change your delivery address, please email us at and we’ll update our system and reply to let you know this has happened. Please let us know by the last day of a calendar month to make sure we send it to the correct address the following month.


To change your bank details or cancel your subscription, go to:

Enter the email address you used when you signed up for the subscription and it’ll send you a single-use access link.


1. Update my info

When you click on the link it’ll bring you to this screen.

Click on ‘Update my info’ and you’ll be able to change your card details, billing address or email.


2. Update Subscriptions

To update your subscription, click on the ‘subscriptions’ tab on the bottom right of this page.



It will bring you to this page.

You can update your information from within this page too, or below you’ll see your subscription and another option to update your card info or ‘View’.

Click on ‘view’ to see your invoice or cancel your subscription.


If you get stuck at all, just email us at and we’ll be happy to help!


If you’d like to skip a kit, email us at and we’ll reply to confirm we’ve received your request and make sure you skip that kit.  You’re welcome to skip up to 3 kits in any 12 month period.

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