The Art of Networking: Crafting as a Professional Icebreaker

Networking events, whether in person or online, can be both exciting and intimidating. The opportunity to meet new people and make valuable connections is invaluable in today's professional world. However, breaking the ice and starting meaningful conversations can be a daunting task. That's where the art of crafting can come to the rescue, serving as a unique and effective professional icebreaker.

Crafting: More Than Just a Hobby

Crafting is often associated with hobbies and creative expression, but its benefits extend far beyond personal enjoyment. It can be a powerful tool for building connections and establishing rapport, particularly in professional settings. The act of creating something with your hands can be a great conversation starter and a way to showcase your personality and interests.

The Conversation Catalyst

Crafting allows you to wear your passions on your sleeve, literally! Whether you're wearing a hand-knit scarf, sporting a homemade piece of jewellery, or carrying a hand-painted tote bag, your craft becomes a visual conversation starter. People are naturally drawn to unique and aesthetically pleasing items, and these creations provide a natural opening to discussions.

When you attend networking events or meetings, consider incorporating your craft into your outfit or bringing a small item with you. It can be an excellent way to showcase your personality and interests without directly discussing work-related topics, which can make you more approachable.

Shared Interests

Crafting can also be a powerful icebreaker because it often leads to finding common ground. When you meet someone who shares your passion for knitting, woodworking, or any craft, you instantly have a shared interest to discuss. This shared passion can pave the way for meaningful conversations about techniques, favourite projects, or even collaboration opportunities.

Networking is about building connections, and finding common interests outside of the professional sphere can strengthen those connections. By integrating your craft into the networking process, you can establish a more personal and lasting connection with others in your industry.

Demonstrating Soft Skills

The act of crafting itself can also demonstrate valuable soft skills that employers and colleagues appreciate. Patience, attention to detail, creativity, and the ability to learn and adapt are all qualities that crafting encourages and showcases. These skills can be excellent conversation topics and demonstrate your well-roundedness as a professional.


The art of networking is all about making meaningful connections, and crafting can be your secret weapon in this endeavour. It's not just a hobby; it's a powerful tool for breaking the ice, finding common ground, and demonstrating important soft skills. By incorporating your craft into your networking strategy, you can make your interactions more engaging, memorable, and ultimately more successful. So, next time you attend a networking event, don't forget to bring a piece of your craft with you—it might just be the perfect icebreaker you need to build those important connections.

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