Mini Make - Cork Leather Tutorial

Cork Leather Coaster Tutorial


May 2017

This mini tutorial shows you how to make embroidered cork fabric or cork leather coasters, but the same process can be used to make the main parts for pendants, earrings and other jewellery too. If you've any cork fabric left over from April's kit, this one's for you!
To make the coaster, you'll need: - Cork fabric or cork leather - Bondaweb - Felt - Embroidery thread - Needle - Scissors - Iron Using a pencil, draw a template around a circular object (the size of your coaster) on the back of the cork fabric. Use this as a guide for where you place your pattern / illustration. Stitch a pattern onto the front of the cork fabric using the embroidery thread. Cut out a square of the cork fabric around your coaster and place it face down on your ironing board. Cut the same size of squares out of your bondaweb and felt too. Place the bondaweb face down (rough side down, smooth / paper side up) and set your iron to 2 dots and no steam. Carefully iron the bondaweb to the cork fabric. Peel the backing paper off the bondaweb. Place the felt down on top of the bondaweb, and iron that down too. They should all be securely joined together into one piece. Using a circular object, gently draw on top of the coaster in pencil to show where you'll cut. Using a jam jar makes it easy to see if your pattern is central! Cut out your coaster. Rub off your pencil marks. Voila, coaster complete!

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