Latch Hook Rug Craft Kit

latch hook rug craft kit craftiosity


As the days are starting to get a bit cooler, we've got a wonderfully tactile kit for you this month - and to make something you can enjoy throughout the colder months! (This kit was posted October 2019.)

If you spotted our recent moodboard, you’ll have seen we’re taking inspiration from Geo Scandi Design for this month's limited edition craft kit.

latch hook rug craft kit craftiosity

We're loving the geometric patterns, monochromatic colours, and a big dose of 'hygge' in this month's inspiration.

Let’s walk you through the project...

latch hook rug craft kit materials craftiosity

You might have already guessed... we're making a latch hook rug!

Using *very* tactile wool and soft cotton yarns, the kit includes the latch hook fabric for your rug base, with latch hook tool to add in the yarns, building up texture to make your rug.

latch hook rug craft kit craftiosity

I wish we could let you touch the rug through the screen - it's soooo soft.

Everyone who's been near this project has run their hands through it and given it a good scrunch - like a cat digging into its favourite cushion!

latch hook rug craft kit craftiosity

Everything you need's in the box, with the latch hook fabric, latch hook tool, 3 balls of yarn, sewing needle to edge the rug and full template to create this geo design. You also have full photo instructions (and a video tutorial online) - you’ll just need a pair of scissors.

We've loved latch hooking as a process, it's so relaxing to do in front of the TV or listening to your favourite podcast or radio show!

The final rug is approx 41 x 30cm, the perfect size to step your toes onto on a cold winter morning and start the day with a happy sigh.

latch hook rug craft kit craftiosity

Orders for this kit have now closed, but you'll find the video tutorial below - or read on to learn more about subscribing and joining us for future kits.



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Here’s the deal: we do the planning, you do the making. Go on, get creative!

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Our next project is to create a beautiful terrazzo inspired speckled cloud clay dish.

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