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July 2017

author: Hannah Burgess

There's nothing quite like a beautiful crafty and creative book to get us inspired. From modern hand-lettering and nature-inspired craft to inventive DIY's for your allotment, here are just some of our favourites that we've picked up recently. Summer projects beckon...
Sunshine Spaces by Beci Orpin Naturally beautiful projects to make for your home and outdoor space

1. Sunshine Spaces by Beci Orpin

This beautiful book is full to the brim with creative projects for both indoors and outdoors using natural materials. It's the perfect balance of delightful photography and DIY instruction. Some of our favourites are the macrame chair, the outdoor cushions and the paper table collages (perfect centrepieces for any dinner party!) Orpin plays with natural materials like wood, plants, fabric and recylced objects and we love the colourful and fun creations in this book! It also includes a chapter on indoor plants, how to care for them and botanical interiors inspiration (check out our own indoor plant advice and inspo here!) It makes a wonderful coffee table book with gorgeous pictures aplenty to pour over and get inspired for a summer of crafting! @beciorpin
Nib and Ink by Chiari Perano The New Art of Modern Calligraphy

2. Nib and Ink by Chiari Perano

This is a wonderful book for those of you wanting to learn a new craft (or maybe perfect a familiar craft...) It's a guide to modern hand-lettering and calligraphy by Chiari Perano, the founder of Lamplighter London, a modern calligraphy studio in London hosting workshops and designing hand drawn elements for events and occasions. When it comes to calligraphy, practice makes perfect and this book offers a lot of room for that. It shows various guides and styles for writing as well as giving the space to have a go yourself (mistakes and all!). One of the key tips that I learned whilst using this book is to not overthink every line, loop and flick but to relax into it and see where the pen takes you. It's a super useful (and pretty!) book for anyone who wants to start sending beautifully hand-lettered cards or invites to friends or family, or simply just for some therapeutic fun! @chiara.perano
A Hut of One's Own by Emily Chappell How to Make the Most of Your Allotment Shed

3. A Hut of One's Own by Emily Chappell

Last but by no means least on our list is A Hut of One's Own. A book of ingenuity and creative inspiration for allotments (or any outdoor growing space!). With a focus of salvaging and recycling we love this book for it's resourcefulness. From wheelbarrow and pallet planters to glass bottle borders, Chappell has fills our heads with nifty money-saving, inventive ideas for our own allotments and gardens. The abundance of watercolour illustrations and hand-written annotations are charming as well as helpful - we love the sketchbook-style drawings! It's a celebration of making the most of the materials you already have (or can find for free) and re-imagining them into something new and exciting. Now, time to get salvaging... This post includes referral links, but we're only reviewing the books because we like them!

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