Development of a Craft Kit: Lampshade

For our embroidered lampshade kit, I thought I'd take you on the journey of its development...

Photo Inspiration

The inspiration for this kit started by the sea on the beautiful Yorkshire Coastline at Scarborough. A simple camera phone photo can inspire so many projects (that's why I'm always snapping away...)


Using the photos, I sketched out some ideas for how they could be developed. I knew the size of the fabric for the shade, so cut out and stuck together sheets of paper to replicate the size, then sketched the landscape, playing with composition and curving the drawing into a drum to see how it would look on all sides. I was also thinking about how the cut out pieces of fabric and sewn elements would work together.

Colour Scheme

Next up, choosing colours! I went for lovely pale blue and muted sandy / grassy colours for the main landscape with pops of bright colour for the cow parsley. When I saw one of the fabric options from our supplier (the gorgeous pink one, called 'Kite Strings') was by Karen Lewis, I couldn't resist. As well as loving the pattern and colour, Karen and I met through craft fairs in Yorkshire, so a perfect fit for the subject matter!


Before we create the lampshade, it's time to sew! As the kits presume that you don't have anything other than household materials (e.g., scissors or an iron), the whole piece is hand-sewn using embroidery thread. Or, if you prefer, you could use your sewing machine if you have one and go for some freestyle embroidery.
...and this is what the fabric looks like once it's sewn up! You can follow our pattern (it's included in the kit), but we also love to see your take on our projects too. What landscape would you put onto the fabric? Could you add elements (your dog, a favourite bit of the coast) to make it your own?

Making it into a Lampshade

Finally, we use the rest of the components in the kit to make it up into a lampshade. This process is much simpler than you think and happens quite quickly! We'll be sharing all in the step-by-step photo instructions.

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Our next kit is Felt Christmas Baubles! These are a lot of fun to create, cutting out the felt pieces, adding embroidery, making them into little baubles, then adding shiny golden and silvery beads to glitter and sparkle in the light. Full templates and ideas for the patterns are included in the kit, or you can go to town personalising them with your own designs. Learn more...

December's kit will be shipped by Friday 14 December.

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