Decoupage Wooden Box Craft Kit & Tutorial

 decoupage wooden box craft kit craftiosity


This month, we’re taking a wooden box and decorating it with decoupage!

With these materials...

 decoupage wooden box craft kit materials craftiosity

This is what you'll make...

 decoupage wooden box craft kit craftiosity

Your craft kit includes a wooden 9-segment box with a glass lid, two different decoupage papers and the decoupage glue / varnish and brush. We’ll show you how to decoupage your wooden box. All you need is scissors and some scrap paper to protect your table!

This month’s kit was inspired by gathering precious objects; with the perfect little box to place them in, we’re thinking of those long walks in the woods or by the beach, collecting little acorns, colourful lichen, a perfectly shaped leaf, a delicate shell.

 decoupage wooden box craft kit craftiosity

Or, collect together the little objects that are precious to you; the cinema ticket from your first date, your grandmother’s brooch, the odd fimo creation your little one made for you.

It’s also ideal as a little box for jewellery, beads or components. The box measures 17 x 13 cm and is 3.5cm high.

For this craft project, you’ll cut or tear the colourful decoupage papers, then glue and attach or overlap them to decorate the outside of the box, before varnishing with the decoupage glue. The papers are strong enough to hold the wet glue, but thin to mould to the shape of your object.

 decoupage wooden box craft kit craftiosity

As ever, the project’s customisable - use one or both of the papers, choose to decorate the whole box or leave some of the wood showing as we have, or experiment with your own papers; tissue, giftwrap, magazines or newsprint work well.

Here's the video tutorial for the project -


Once the bug has bitten...

…and once the decoupage bug has bitten, use the rest of your glue to experiment further. This wooden pencil pot was decorated with an old copy of the Beano!

 decoupage woodenbox craft kit craftiosity

Please note the glass lid has sharp edges and this project is best suited to adults.


* Orders for this kit have now closed, but you can learn more about upcoming kits below * 


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