5 Tips for Photographing Your Craft Projects

Like us, you're probably staying in touch with friends over technology more than ever. So sharing your craft projects isn't a 'pop over for a cuppa' kind of thing!

But - it's been a wonderful source of inspiration to tune into everyone's creative endeavours at home via their posts and social media feeds!

So, with that in mind, we're sharing our best tips to get that perfect shot to show off your latest makes and work-in-progress with your friends, family and followers.

Psst... we use our phone cameras for a lot of our own photo sharing, which works a treat with a little know-how.

Here's our Top 5 Photography Tips...

Getting the right lighting

The first rule of thumb when it comes to all photography is getting the right lighting. When photographing objects, you have the added luxury of being able to move it closer to the light (win!).

We recommend finding a spot near some natural lighting - but not in the glaring sun, as that can make it difficult to photograph your object's finer details. A spot with some overcast or filtered light tends to work best!

It's all about angles

When it comes to photography, angles and perspective are key! We're big fans of the birds-eye-view angle as it gives a sense of the whole scene, as well as being really eye-catching.

For shooting birds-eye-view, you do have to be more aware of shadows, so keep an eye out and adjust where you stand / your work's position so you're not blocking it out!

Think about your background

This one might seem obvious, but getting the right background is super important when sharing your projects. The best background will vary depending on the colours and textures of your make. Normally, a contrasting background will make your work pop!

For example, if you've been working with white clay, think about a colour or wooden background to make the white clay stand out.

If you want to share an 'in-progress' shot, it can be fun to make the background that bit more lively and that's where props come in...

Have fun with props

When it comes to photography styling, props are *fun*damental (excuse the pun!).

Luckily, when it comes to photographing creative projects, your props are usually obvious and already to hand in the form of your tools and materials.

For embroidery, think needles, scissors, thimble and thread surrounding your final piece, or if you've been busy lino printing, grab your ink, cutter, lino stamp and even some of the lino shreds.

We also love seeing leafy goodness in your photos, so why not grab your favourite houseplant?

Adding props into the mix gives people an insight into your process and livens up an image.

Just the right amount of editing

Whilst you can fork out an arm and a leg for editing software, we can vouch for some of the free editing programmes, especially when sharing on social media.

The editing within the Instagram app is a good free option, as well as the VSCO app. Our biggest tip when it comes to editing is less is more. If you've followed our other tips, especially when it comes to lighting, you shouldn't have much editing to do at all... if any!

Check your brightness and that the details show up using the contrast tab. Sometimes it's worth experimenting with the warmth of the image, as well as the saturation if it's looking a bit drab. Avoid overuse of filters and keep it as simple and close to reality as possible!

Happy photographing!

Image Credits: Roman Kraft, M.D Jerry and Charles Deluvi

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