Shibori Drawstring Bag Tutorial


June 2017

Did you join us for the shibori craft kit?

This mini tutorial shows you how to make a little drawstring bag using one of your test pieces of shibori dyed fabric from June’s kit. It’s the perfect match for your new hand-dyed tote bag, to keep all your essentials from rattling around the bottom of your bag – handy!

If you’ve more than one test piece you like, why not make a little bag for your friends too…

To make the drawstring bag, you’ll need:
– One of your shibori dyed fabric samples
– Tacking thread
– Pins
– Needle
– Navy thread
– Safety pin
– Some twine/rope



Fold over once (1cm) the two short sides and one of the long sides. Pin and tack all three sides.

Fold over the unstitched long side twice (1cm each fold) – this side is for the drawstring, so make sure your twine will fit through. Pin and tack this side too.

Hem stitch the drawstring side (the twice folded side) all the way along the length. You’ll see some pictures above and in the next image to help you hem stitch.

This is what this side should look like.

Now you can remove the pins and tack stitch on this side.

Now fold your fabric in half so the folds are on the outside.

Blanket stitch the two unstitched opposite sides (see example of blanket stitch in the photo).

Make sure to leave the top edges of the gap for the drawstring open!

Here’s what it should look like at this stage.

Attach the safety pin to your twine/rope.

Insert it in through the double folded side.

Scrunch and pull the safety pin along until it comes out the other side.

Remove the safety pin.

Cut your twine to size and tie knots at the ends so it doesn’t fray or doesn’t go back through.

Turn the bag inside out.

There you have it! A little drawstring bag to match your new hand-dyed tote.

Great for your lip balm, keys or headphones – all your little bits and bobs! Enjoy!

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