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February 2018

Spring is definitely in the air – or at least it was until this Siberian blast of ice and snow – we’re loving waking up and it not feeling like the dead of night as we head to work! With the Spring Equinox on the 20th March, it’s a month of change and a month to celebrate the coming of Spring and the leaving behind of Winter…

So, in light of that, we’re exploring the exciting stuff to get up in the month of March – including a craft workshop we’re teaching at Anthropologie in Leeds and our Oscar picks this movie season!

An in-store Anthropologie Craft Workshop with us!

Learn to linocut print a tea towel with us in the Leeds’ store…

Anthropologie Print Workshop

Like many of you I’m sure, we’re always besotted with the gorgeous homeware and clothing shop Anthropologie. We’re forever hankering after their mugs, plates, candles – you name it! We love that they source independent artists to collaborate with for their wonderful homeware collections.

So, in light of that, we’re thrilled to be teaching a workshop in their beautiful surroundings. On the 10th of March you can find us in-store at the lovely Leeds’ Anthropologie in the shiny, dazzling Victoria Gate. Between 1pm and 2:30pm Moira will be teaching you how to linocut and print a teatowel with fabric ink pads.

You can find out how to book onto the workshop via this link on the Anthro blog – tickets are processed through eventbrite. Tickets are £15 (which is redeemable when you spend £25 in-store). We hope to see you there! Psssst… tickets are limited, so get in there soon.

Flowers popping up after a winter hibernation

As March comes in, we’re celebrating the changing of the seasons with the Spring Equinox

Ring in the Season and Notice the Changes

The Autumn and Spring Equinox, together with the Summer and Winter Solstice, mark the quarterly changing of the seasons – a time to celebrate and to practice mindfulness… If that’s not reason enough to celebrate then surely the prospect of Spring delights like hot cross buns are?!

The 20th March marks the shift from Winter to Spring, and when better to notice the changes in nature surrounding us. New life in the form of shoots of daffodils, tulips and crocus’ emerge their heads on our grass verges and parks after a long, cold winter. As well, the trees come back to life as the buds of leaves begin to form. We intend to make the most of this transitory time and really appreciate the world around us. We’re so ready for the bursts of colour to come in March!

Film and TV-wise, there’s much to watch in March

The Oscars are in March, so when else to watch some of the nominated films to see what all the fuss is about?…

The Shape of Water, The Phantom Thread and Shetland

Firstly, we have one of our favourites this Oscar season – The Shape of Water. From the director of Pans Labyrinth, Guillermo del Toro, The Shape of Water stars Sally Hawkins (we love her!). This film is a truly beautiful, fantasy romance, if a little strange at time! Sally Hawkins, though mute throughout the film, shines through in her expressive face. The acting is impeccable from all – highly recommended.

Next, we watched the Phantom Thread starring Daniel Day Lewis. This film was simply stunning to watch – the cinematography is rich and the story is compelling. Daniel Day Lewis’ performance is nuanced and subtle  – a masterful piece of cinema!

Finally, we have to talk about our favourite tv show to hit our screens again on BBC 1 – Shetland. Expect more dark, bleak mysteries similar to that of a Scandi-noir, or ‘Sheltie-noir’ (according to The Independent). The windswept and beautiful scenery will have you in awe of island life, until you realise how much crime and destruction seems to take place on a relatively small island – note-to-self: it is fiction!

Whatever you’re up to, have a great month!


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