The Best Crafts to Take on Holiday

by | 9 May, 2019 | Creative Life, Inspiration

You’ve dug out your passport, got your sunscreen & big summery hat – but is a craft project on your Summer Holiday packing list too?

If you’re looking for summer craft ideas, we’ve spent many a holiday crafting (or doing a quick dash to a local craft shop when we’ve forgotten to pack one!) so here’s our quick round up of what to think about when choosing portable crafts to take with you – and some of our favourites. Let’s explore the best crafts for travelling.

Location, location, location

Where are you spending time on holiday? If you’re planning to hit the sandy beaches, that big arm-knitting project might bring back more than holiday memories. Likewise, if you’re putting your feet up with a glass of cool hand-pressed lemonade in a lovely breezy alfresco dining area, your papercraft project may head off into the olive trees before you’ve started.

Projects that are easy to set up and keep a hold of (you only need to keep a handle on one or two components at a time) are ideal – think sewing (we’re big fans of sashiko), weaving, knitting or crochet, or sketching or watercolours (you could use one of those brushes that holds water in the handle).

What’s in the bag, ma’am?

You’ve a good few hours of travelling stretched ahead of you, what a perfect time to get some crafting in!

Except… You have to head through airport security first.

Always check your outbound airports for their rules but, as I write this, UK airports allow small scissors (with blades no longer than 6cm), round-ended or blunt scissors, knitting needles and sewing needles as part of your hand luggage.

The next thing to consider is how cosy you’re going to be with your fellow passengers. If they’re getting one of your elbows in their ribs every few seconds as you work on your latest knitted masterpiece, there may be a few grumbles!

Something compact like a sewing project will keep you entertained and everyone else happy too.

There’s no place like home

If you’re holidaying at home this year, there’s plenty of summertime crafts to explore locally too.

For those of us in Europe, the long summer days allow us to experiment with more unusual crafts like cyanotype, which uses sunlight to create beautiful indigo blue images – you’ll find our tutorial here.

Or why not take inspiration from land artists like Andy Goldsworthy or Richard Shilling and make your own creation with found stones, bark, fallen leaves or foliage – you can photograph your piece to keep the memory.

We hope this has inspired you to add your favourite craft to your packing list & enjoy creativity & exploration wherever your holidays take you, at home or abroad!

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Images: Giulia Bertelli, Bundo Kim, Esther Ni Dhonnacha, Iva Rajovic.

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