Our Favourite Paper Crafts

by | 26 Mar, 2021 | Inspiration

This month, we’re sharing how to create your own paper with the Papermaking with Seeds kit, so as a homage to the wonderful and versatile material, we’ve rounded up some of our Favourite Paper Crafts! Have a read and get inspired for some paper play…


This is a craft we love for both its scope and sheer simplicity. It’s a great way to start any craft project to build inspiration, as well as a project in itself!

We recommend playing around with colours and shapes, as well as words you might find in a newspaper or magazine that catch your eye. If you’re stuck for ideas, observation collages are a lot of fun as you can end up with a very abstract and imaginative version of the object or person you’re collaging – it’s almost like drawing with scissors.

Use various types of paper, printed and plain, to build texture. As well, you could bring in non-paper elements and found objects to really build interest and layers.

Paper Flowers

We couldn’t do a paper crafts round up without including handmade flowers…

Much-loved for their long lasting beauty, you can be as wild and adventurous as you like with the colours or try and match the real thing as close as possible.

We had a lot of fun creating the Paper Flowers Kit last July – the blooms make for lovely gifts for loved ones to!

Origami Mobiles

Next up, we have origami mobiles!

These make for a lovely hanging element to any room, adding movement and colour above the eye line. Whether you choose origami birds, stars or abstract shapes, the origami technique transforms 2D paper into a 3D sculpture that can look as though it’s floating mid air.

Find a lovely fallen branch or piece of driftwood and use this to hang your origami creations on with fishing wire. You’ll find that even with your windows shut, the mobile has a gentle motion to it that’s beautifully relaxing to watch and drift off to – and definitely not just for kids!

Handmade Seed Paper

As you’ll be venturing into the world of handmade paper with seeds in the next craft kit, we had to include our Papermaking with Seeds kit!

You’ll be creating your very own paper pulp with the specialist paper included in your box, then add in any scraps you’d like to personalise it (we’ve included some of the pink shred from your box in these examples) as well as wildflower seeds. Compress your pulp in the paper making mould to create your sheets of paper.

These sheets can then be planted into soil or compost and, with a little sunshine and water, will bloom as part of your indoor or outdoor garden!

Photo Credits: Nikoline Arns and Tamanna Rumee

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