Make Your Commute More Creative

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Most of us would like more time for creativity – whether that’s crafting, drawing or writing that novel – and there’s a growing trend of people using their commute in creative ways.

Commutes (especially when we’re not driving!) give us generous pockets of time entirely to ourselves. So if you find yourself regularly losing half an hour or longer scrolling through Facebook and playing Candy Crush (think of it as consuming rather than creating), perhaps you’ve more time for creativity that you’d realised.

Here’s our favourite ways to make the most of your commute.

Look out the window

It’s sooo simple, but yes, this is still creative. A big part of any creative skill is being able to see – and where better to train your eye than with an ever-changing environment outside.

Look for what inspires you – colours, shapes, scenes, things that make you smile – you’re looking for things that give you that little ‘catch’ as you spot something that sparks your interest. You could capture it by writing it down, or simply enjoy seeing and let those ideas percolate.

Journal it out

This is one of our favourites – use your commute to journal or work out ideas. Stuck on a project or what to do next? Articulate the issue for yourself as a question and journal out ideas in a notebook. When you’re gifting yourself time to focus, you’ll be surprised how quickly the ideas come.


Fold down table crafting

There’s a lot of crafting you can do on your lap or a small fold-down table. We’ve seen knitting, crochet, writing, sketching – and even watercolour painting on our commute before! I’m sure you’ve seen some of these on yours too. When you’re getting ready to head out, why not pack a little project into your bag?

Listen Up

If you find travelling too nauseating to concentrate on a project in front of you, download an app like audible, pick a book to inspire you, and spend the time in the company of someone who’ll lift you creatively.

We hope this has helped inspire a more creative journey for you tomorrow!

If you’d like to read about others who’ve made the most of their journeys, we found this article on Creative Commuters on the BBC website. We’re impressed by the crafter who made enough crocheted hats and scarves to run a Christmas stall & the guy who wrote two books on his commute!

And if you’re struggling to find time for creativity, you might also like our free guide, ‘20 Ways to Make More Time for Creativity’. You can download it here.

Images: Clem Onojeghuo, Soren Astrup Jorgensen, Annie Theby.

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