Crafting on the Move

by | 2 Aug, 2018 | Creative Life, Inspiration

It’s that time of year where everyone’s jetting off for their holidays. Whether it’s exotic or more local, it’s more than likely you’ll be on a plane, train, bus or car journey to get from A to B at some point.

Crafting on the go is a incredibly mindful activity and well worth ditching the phone or ipad for. Treat it as valuable ‘me-time’ and a time and space away from your responsibilities (we’re aiming this at passengers, crafting and driving is not a good idea!).

We’ve put together some ideas and inspiration for your journeys this summer – or why not take inspiration for your daily commute to work? Hopefully you’ll feel confident to get those knitting needles or your embroidery hoop out on the train!

Go against the norm

Next time you’re on public transport just have a look and notice how many people are glued to their phone or screens. More than likely it will be most of the passengers – with the exception of a few simply gazing out the window or reading a book.

Staring at our screens (and avoiding eye contact!) is something we’ve all been conditioned to do when ‘waiting’ for the next appointment or meeting – it’s become time to kill.

You end up just counting down the minutes to your stop or the destination and not enjoying the moment. Crafting is a brilliant activity to take along with you on your commute or a long journey, simply because it engages your mind and body in an active way.

Reduce Stress

It’s no secret that crafting is huge stress reducer. It’s also no secret that for some folk, travelling – whether it’s by plane, train or any other way – can increase feelings of stress and anxiety.

This is where mindfulness and that ever-cliche quote ‘it’s about the journey, not the destination’ comes in. Through crafting you’re experiencing the moment and making the most of the journey, rather than wishing it away.

The practice of engaging your mind and hands in a creative way can also eliminate the feeling of stress and anxiety you might sometimes feel when travelling from A to B. You’ll be surprised by how relaxed and refreshed you feel by the end of the journey – and have something tangible to show for it too. Win!

Some travel-friendly ideas 

There are so many non-messy crafts that would work on the go, so here’s some ideas…

Knitting and crocheting are great travel-friendly crafts that can be done almost anywhere and the materials easily fit in your bag! (Crochet hooks and knitting needles are usually fine for air-travel too, but always check with your airline before flying to be safe!)

Cross-stitch and hoop embroidery are also fantastic for when you’re on the move as you don’t need a tonne of space and they’ll fit into a small space.

Next time you’re travelling, whether for work or holidays, hopefully we’ve persuaded you to ditch the screens in favour of some portable crafting…

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