Seaside Cottages Hanging Craft Kit & Tutorial

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Well, the sun is shining and the promise of a Summer stretching out in front of us has huge appeal!

When you think of the seaside, what does it conjure up for you? It might be gorgeous vintage travel posters encouraging you to enjoy the British Coastline, seaside huts, ice creams – or maybe an area of the coast that means something to you.

Photo: Arno Smit

So what’s the project?!  With materials including these…

This is what you’ll make…

We’re taking inspiration from the coastline to create this painted seaside cottages hanging.

Before you say, but I can’t draw!, don’t worry, we have full templates and transfer paper inside your kit, so you can create this design easily.

And if you love drawing, it’s easy to personalise these with your own designs!

We’ll show you step by step how to paint, decorate and construct the hanging, with full photo instructions in your box, and a video tutorial available if you prefer to learn by watching.

Everything you need is in the kit; there’s 4 little houses, 2 paints & a paint pen – they’re so much fun to play with! – as well as beads, thread (exact shade of blue may vary from the photos), the baton and a paintbrush. You’ll just need scissors, a pencil and a ruler.

Orders for this kit have now closed, but you’ll find the tutorial below, or read on to learn more about future kits.

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