Things to do in January


December 2017

January is just around the corner – we all hope you had a wonderful Christmas and you are looking forward to the new year. There can be a lot of negativity surrounding January with the notorious January blues setting in but we find there’s a lot of wonderful things to embrace about this month…

Here are some of the great things about the month and what we can get up to. Getting organised, enjoying the outdoors (promptly followed by the cosy indoors) and anything we’re reading and watching that we wanted to recommend! Have a read…


Get Organised

Starting a bullet journal in 2018

Getting Organised for 2018

It’s always on the news years resolution list in January, but we think a bullet journal is great way to get organised with the freedom to create your own diary layout. Essentially, you create a contents on the first page and page numbers so whatever you choose to do on the following pages (in whatever order) you’ve always got something to refer back to. You’ll never lose that all important list somewhere in the midst of a huge notebook with this method. Get creative with your writing, try some calligraphy or draw a border. It’s productivity, mixed with creativity and mindfulness. It’s super relaxing to spend half an hour here or there updating a bullet journal or decorating it.

Wintery Walks

January often brings with it a chill and so when better to get out and enjoy the frosty scenery

Embrace the Cold

Getting out in the cold to have a brisk walk makes coming home all that more rewarding. January is a time to keep as cosy as possible, light all the candles and drink all the hot chocolate. Whilst people talk of the January Blues, it can also be a month of fresh starts and new beginnings, so despite the short days and the long nights there’s a lot to embrace about this month…


Pick up a new book

Get stuck in to your new books

Have a read of any books from Christmas or treat yourself to a new one..

It’s not a new book but an old classic and one we’ve been re-visiting recently. A Month in the Country by J.L Carr. It’s a very short read but nonetheless a beautiful one set in a Yorkshire village about the recovery after the First World War.


Also, it’s not a book, and maybe you’ve already caught up but you can catch season 2 of The Crown now..we love princess Margaret! Go have a watch, it’s great viewing.

Have a Happy New Year from all of us at Craftiosity!!

This post includes a referral link, but we’re only mentioning the book because we like it a lot!

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