Handmade Gift Guide: Embroidery Edition


March 2018

It’s time for another celebration of all the wonderful independent makers and designers out there on Etsy. We love putting together these gift guides and looking for the best of the best in handmade goodies.

This is our embroidery edition to go along with our Japanese kit for April – Sashiko! We found lots of different styles of embroidery on our search – here are some of our favourites…

Botanical Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

-Sue Nicholls Designs-

Sue makes all her lovely embroidered pieces in the studio at the bottom of her garden in rural Hertfordshire. Her work is inspired by the nature that surrounds her.

Etsy, £45


Golden Bee Embroidered Pouch

-Emma Warren Design-

Emma is a freelance textile designer who designs and embroiders clothing, as well as these gorgeous bee pouches!

Etsy, £11


Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging

-Nook of the North-

Nook of the North, aka Becca, is a Yorkshire-based embroiderer. She makes wonderful wall-hangings and necklaces inspired by mid-century modern architecture and design.

Etsy, £60






Coffee Plant Embroidered Tote

-Thread Squirrel-

Thread Squirrel was launched in 2012 by mother and daughter duo Tracey and Kathy. They sew their lovely totes and cushions from their adjoining studios in Pudsey.

Etsy, £10


Fern Embroidered Necklace

-Melly and the Moo-

Melly and the Moo is the creation of Jacqueline Hislop – a Bristol-based maker with a focus on upcycled textile jewellery and accessories.

Etsy, £16


We’d love to thank all of the independent makers who got involved with this edition of our gift guide!

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