What is Craftiosity?

We love crafting, we know it chills us out and makes us feel good. But we’re busy wee souls and we like things to be easy, especially when trying something new. We wanted craft kits with a modern vibe and we wanted variety. Voila! Craftiosity was born.

Every month, we’ll send you a completely new kit, to make beautiful things for your life and your home.

One time it could be book-binding, the next ceramics, the next cyanotype printing – all with everything you need in the box and step by step instructions to make something you’ll love.

You’re not tied into a contract and can easily cancel or skip months.

What's inside the kits?

Each kit contains all the materials, tools and instructions to make a final piece. We know you don’t want to be chasing down obscure materials, so they’re all in one place. The only things we’ll ask you to supply are household basics, like a pencil, ruler and scissors or an old jam jar.

Prefer video tutorials?
No problemo, we create video tutorials you can pause, stop and replay at any time. You can see them on our blog.

Like to make more than one?
One for you, one to gift, ‘the dry run’ version, or make a kit with a friend – we’ve got it covered. For an extra £10 per kit, we’ll include another full set of materials (you’ll still have the one set of tools).

How much skill do I need?

We know you might not have tried a certain craft or process before – that’s grand! – our step by step written instructions with photos and video tutorials will guide you through.

If you’re more of a free-styler, then as well as the instructions, we include tips for doing your own thing too.

If you prefer to have a practise run through, or fancy crafting with someone else, you can add another full set of materials to your kit for £10. (You’ll still receive the one set of tools.)

Our kits are designed for adults to make as they can involve sharp tools, and can only be sold to people over the age of 18. Use your judgement for each kit if you plan to craft with your kids – you know your little ones!

More questions? Here's our FAQ
How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe on our Shop page, or for more information about gifting, head over to our Gift page.

When you subscribe, your card will be debited that day, and then on the same date every month.

If you’d like to update your subscription preferences at any time, including skipping a month, changing your card or address details, or cancelling your subscription, just head through to the customer portal. You’ll choose a password when you create your subscription.

Can I send a box or subscription as a gift?

Absolutely! Just make sure to amend the delivery name and address when you make your order.

Where do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to the UK for £2.95 P+P per kit, to the EU for £8.60 P+P per box, or to New Zealand and Australia for £14.05 P+P. International deliveries are sent International Standard, expected to arrive up to 7 working days after shipping.

If you can’t select your country, email us at hello@craftiosity.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do!

When can I expect my first box?

The next box will be posted on the 14 August and is expected to arrive with you 3 working days later. From August, our kits will be posted monthly on the 14th of the month. Orders will close on the last day of the month before.

Will I need to be home to receive my box?

The size of the materials in your box mean they won’t fit through your letterbox, so we recommend having it delivered to somewhere there will be someone in to receive it, like your work address.

How do I skip a craft kit?

When you subscribe, you’ll create an account. Log in and go to the ‘Charge Schedule’ tab; this will let you skip any kit in the coming 6 months. As all kits are made to order, you’ll need to skip by the last day of the month to cancel the following months kit, e.g., by the 31 January to cancel the kit posted on the 14th February.

Can I order more than one kit?

Of course, and we also have our extra materials option. For an extra £10 per kit, we’ll include another full set of materials (you’ll still have the one set of tools) inside your box.

Do I need to reorder?

If you’ve bought a three kit one-off subscription, you will only be billed up front for those kits. If you’re on one of our ongoing subscriptions, you don’t need to reorder.

What if I need to change my address?

Login to the customer portal to change your address or update your details by the 31st of the month for the following month’s kit. If you have any problems, just email us at hello@craftiosity.co.uk.

What’s your returns policy?

As each box is made to order, we’re unable to accept returns. We pack every box with utmost care, but if anything is missing or has been damaged in transit, let us know by emailing hello@craftiosity.co.uk, and we’ll do all we can to help.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You’re not tied into a contract and can cancel your subscription any time. To do this, login into the customer portal and choose to cancel the subscription. You should receive a cancellation confirmation email. If you’ve any problems, email us on hello@craftiosity.co.uk and we’ll email back to confirm the subscription has been cancelled.

What’s your privacy policy?

We use a secure ecommerce platform and don’t have or keep customers’ financial details, including your card information.

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